Friday, August 8, 2014


When did August happen?! It feels like time has been flying by lately. There's been a lot going on - our new house, Edwin's parents here, I was in Regina last week, and now headed to Smithers tomorrow! 

Can you believe my baby sister is officially a police officer?? So exciting!!!! I think she is definitely happy to be out of Regina and depot now. She is being placed in Smithers, BC so that's where her, myself, & Pants are headed to tomorrow morning. We are driving up so that she has her vehicle there, and then I'm flying home Monday evening. (And back to work Tuesday....) 

This is just a little 'hello' until I can get some time to post lots of pictures of our adventure to Regina! (Have you ever been? It's a special place... To say the least....!!) 

This is my sister officially sworn into the RCMP: 

Happy summer!!! Oh, and guess what gets to happen soon once this busy-ness is done.... WEDDING PLANNING!!! This is one happy girl currently :) 

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  1. Is it okay to say that she looks so cute in her uniform? I'm probably supposed to say `tough' or `mature' but she's just so sweet! HOw do you feel about her going to Smithers?! Guess it's closer.