Friday, September 5, 2014

a thing post

See below for Shannon-approved things about the web :)

Is Costco worth it? (sent to me by my poppa)

Online wedding dress rip off - caution brides-to-be!

My boy Usher is coming to town! I heart him.

I'd love to throw one of these parties. Has anyone ever hosted one? Or attended one?

The top 10 most commonly mispronounced foods. (not sure how I feel about #10 & #1...)

I reaaaaaalllllyyyy want these shoes. I even wanted them last year! It's meant to be, right??

How to: caramelize onions.

I love this - recipes on the inside of your cabinets!

I made eggs benny (on toast) this past long weekend. Any tips for a thick & easy Hollandaise sauce?! This one was still flavorful, but didn't quite taste like the restaurant ones. Not sure how to improve it!! I love breakfasts. Especially when they follow sleeping in on a Saturday morning!

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