Wednesday, September 17, 2014

time on your hands?

I know I've said this before, but you can find such entertaining things online!! Not only entertaining, but knowledgeable, funny, useful things. Lucky for you, I've picked out some faves below! Enjoy :)

First off, my new favorite commercial. (I would SO do this!)

A colleague sent this article to me: 5 truths in dealing with difficult people (isn't invitation #2 such a great reminder? We can control how we feel about situations.)

Did you get the U2 album unknowingly put on your iPhone? (if you have one, you did!) Find out to how remove it here. (read also: was it worth it?)

The 17 things only lazy vegetarians will understand (I sympathize with #1, #15, & #17)

Everything you need to know about guacamole (including how to make Japanese guac!)

You NEED to watch how hilarious Jimmy Fallon is singing "All About That Bass!" 

How to be insufferable on Facebook (sometimes Facebook statuses drive me crazy!)

What French kids eat for lunch (bread & cheese!? Sign me up!)

We have so many things to be thankful for! Read about one mom's realization of that.

27 things we must say goodbye to by 27. (This whole list made me laugh out loud. Read it.)

I made pico de gallo on the weekend & I think it went over well! So very easy to make too.

Happy Hump Day! (remember this commercial?!)
PS - Guess where I went this weekend?!

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