Thursday, October 2, 2014

food things.

Hello. I apologize if you are not diggin' the food-ness on my blog these days, but I am majorly loving it! I really need to get back to actually writing posts but for some reason I haven't been super into it lately. I do want to write a post about our wedding and what the latest is on that! Maybe that will be my next post...just maybe....

In the meantime, check out these yummy things around the food-web and some things Edwin & I have eaten lately. I love having a man to cook for!

The key to perfect nachos

3 quick ways to microwave eggs

Panini omelette (now THIS I need to try...)

The Bagelry in Bellingham, WA (we went on Saturday! Small, all take out, no meat omelettes, and all paper plates, but in a cute location with a band out front! I had a yummy lox omelette and whole wheat bagel.)

Tacofino Commissary

Saw this on the Food Network: Torpasta (can we say carb overload? But looks pretty yummy!)

Moroccon restaurant in West Van (have you ever had Moroccon?)

Vegetarian tortilla soup recipe (I made this last week - really yummy! And if you eat meat, a lot of recipes have chicken in them)

My breakfast burrito at the Cheesecake Factory. SO GOOD.

A garlic fry selfie at the Mariners game on Saturday
Edwin & I did a late birthday trip to Seattle for him this last weekend. He'd never been to an MLB game, so we saw an intense Mariners game, and ate some delish stadium food. The weather was lovely so we walked to the game from our hotel, and around downtown after and got some beer. On Sunday, we slept in, hit up Wal-Mart and our fave grocery store, and headed home.

Tomorrow is Friday - hooray! Have a great weekend! What are you up to? I'm doing something I have not done in a loooong time on Saturday'll be fun but I'm a little nervous!!

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