Wednesday, October 29, 2014

some food-ish reads

I recently finished reading Julie & Julia. I loved it! It's probably no surprise that I really enjoy reading anything that has to do with cooking, and this was all about is. Well, French cooking, to be exact... of which I have NO knowledge of. I'd love to do some gourmet French cooking, but some of the recipes seem a bit too challenging and/or exotic for me. (ie: duck, veal...) Simply because Julia Child is so cool, and these recipes are classic, I'd love to own this cookbook that the book is based on. (Not sure how often I'd use it though because of the aforementioned issues...)

The one recipe I'd really love to try is Oeufs en meurette, which is poached eggs in red wine. How fancy does that sound?!

A colleague recently made Tom Yum soup and it looked SO good. (it's now on my "to make" list)

Another colleague told me about a Mexican breakfast dish called migas - also on my "to make" list!

If anyone is up for a burrito on Friday night, loves Chipotle like me, and wants to help a good cause, check out BOORITO! (the name of the event made me laugh SO hard)

Check out: 30 quick dinners with no meat (I need to try bean patties!) 

We had a food truck at work last week for lunch one day! That was eventful. I think they are normally in Abbotsford during the lunch time on weekdays.

Ever heard of cauliflower rice? This is new to me!! But looks like a healthy alternative to regular rice.

Loblaws is removing all artificial color & flavor from their Presidents Choice products - I feel like that is a bold (but great) move for them! Do you have any really great PC products you like?

I was inspired by this recipe to use spaghetti squash in a way that I hadn't thought of! I normally just make regular spaghetti with it, but with this recipe, you make it like a stuffed baked potato. I used used whatever I had in the fridge to stuff it (and some pesto for the flavor) and it was filling and tasteful.

I shared this on Facebook, but it needs to be here as well: the best restaurants in Surrey. (if you haven't been to the Roadhouse, you NEED to go) (the restaurants from that list that I haven't tried are Bistro 72, Taqueira Jalisco, Good Day Sunshine Cafe, the Cabin, and Dasom Korean)

And lastly, a fun one: check out these 20 Canada-specific foods! Whats your favorite? I think mine is poutine...

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  1. We make cauliflower rice and creamed cauliflower (like mashed potatoes). THe only bad thing about cauliflower rice is that if you have leftovers, it will make your whole fridge smell really bad. Don't have leftovers.