Saturday, November 22, 2014

memory lane

I went down memory lane on Thursday. My parents are away, so I went to go let Odie out since my brother was at work until later that evening. My dad has been doing some painting & updates to the 2 empty bedrooms upstairs lately, and ended up finding a bunch of my stuff that I left in a closet there. It was mainly notebooks, pictures, photo albums etc. He asked me to go through it and take home whatever I wanted to keep. And boy, did I go through it all! I had a hoot going through old pictures. I took pictures of a lot of these pictures because I kept texting them to people as I giggled to myself all the while. See for yourself:

Graduation 2003 - hard to believe that was 11 years ago!!

I put this on Instagram too, but I LOVE this picture and all the memories it fills me with. Nicole & I were young little lifeguards having a blast at work ALL the time. This was taken at an inservice.

I'm not sure what year this was - maybe I was 12 or 13? Our family had always gone to Galiano Island for summer vacations, and for this one, Heidi came along. This photo makes me laugh so hard! (note: my dad STILL calls my sister 'Barney' or "Barney-O' to this day. That's how obsessed she was!!!!)

A random, cute sibling photo in the backyard.

How adorable was my brother?! I think he's 2 or 3 here?

Oh.... my braces days... I think this was around my birthday and I was maybe in grade 5 or 6? We had gone to Planet Hollywood downtown for my birthday dinner (with Heidi, because we didn't do ANYthing apart!) and we got matching t-shirts. Too cool for our own good we were ;)

Remember photo booths in the mall? This was one with my cousins, Robyn & Gina. We were maybe 15 or 16?
This is just a sampling of photos I found. It was really fun just thinking back on things from the past. I found pay stubs from when I was first working at the Y, letters my family & friends had sent me while I was working at Timberline Ranch (as Llama!), and tons of other things. Memories are great!

Happy Saturday! What are you all up to? (I always ask this...but no one ever tells me! It's more rhetorical currently... please feel free to actually let me know what you are up to!) Edwin & I are going to go to Central City this evening for the annual tree lighting at 6:15. Should be festive! Oh, and on the festive note, I am making a wreath for our front door this year. I'm getting artsy in my old age apparently! We shall see how this goes...updates to come!

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