Monday, December 8, 2014

a birthday post

Today is my little sisters 23rd birthday - can you believe it?? I remember when she was born!! My mom let me have somewhat of a say in what we were going to name her. I showed my strong & honest dislike to quite a few names at the ripe age of 7, and ended up liking the name Jennifer. Matt used to call her "Jeffiner" because he couldn't say her name properly. How did this little Jeffiner grow up, become a policeman, and move to Smithers all of a sudden?! Time flies when you love your fam!

Fun fact about my sis: my mom still calls her Jeffiner to this day sometimes.

Bonus fun fact about my sis: my dad calls her Barney or Barney-oh to this day because of her strong, STRONG love for Barney. (we don't let things go around our house, trust me!)

Extra bonus nickname fact about my sis: we all currently call her Ben, Benny, Benners, or Ferf a lot too. Poor kid - we don't really call her Jen. Maybe when you're the youngest you get the most nicknames - is there research on that?!

Love you Ferf! 

I used to have this super cool app on my phone that did photos like this - I miss it! I used to make my family do this with me ALL the time. This is about 6 years ago. Oh the things my sister has put up with over the years with me!

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  1. I wish I knew about the nicknames back when I was teaching her :) What do they call you then?