Friday, January 16, 2015

a fun thing post

It's been a while since a thing post! I hope you missed them :)

A good laugh: 4 dads make a rap video 

What could Riverview look like in the future? Vote!

A good read that resonated with me: It Costs Nothing to be a Better Person

This was a few months ago, but SO fascinating: ths girl convinces her family she is on a world adventure yet doesn't leave her house

12 reasons why your brother is pretty important in your life (don't worry Ferf, you are super important too!) 

Just a reminder, vegetables are great! Here are some recipes that are vegetarian, yet hearty. (including vegan pulled pork! Wild!!)

These Landeau flowers are quite in right now, and so gorgeous! 

Did you know that the Rio Theatre in Vancouver has Friday Night Late Night Movies for $8?

Coke-braised carnitas. Genius! I will need to try this in the slow cooker for the boy.

Mushroom marsala pasta bake. I know, I end up defaulting to recipes in things posts....

Last but NOT least: as you know, me and all of my amigas are turning 30 this year. Last weekend, Lindsay turned 30 and her awesome boyfriend threw her a surprise party. AND she didn't even find out about it. Huge win for him!  Happy birthday to my besty Binzy!!! xoxo

Lindsay, Heidi, & I

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