Sunday, February 8, 2015

around the web reads to keep you entertained

Happy long weekend & family day!

I am spending some well needed time with the fam - my sister is in town! Her days off fell on the long weekend and she found a good price on a flight. Best family day ever! (she leaves tomorrow though) We had sushi, an amazing dinner at the Boathouse, homemade meal by momma, and went maid-of-honor dress shopping today at David's Bridal which was a success. Yesterday, Edwin & I also did some party hopping. Our friends Ava turned 1, and Kalan turned 2! What are you up to this weekend?!

If you are in need of some web browsing, here are some good/interesting reads I've seen....

8 Habits of People Who Never Get Jealous

This is a horrifying & sad story: "My mother-in-law the murderess"

How to fall asleep fast - totally going to try this tonight.

Have you seen this yet?! Jimmy Fallon did a skit with the Saved By the Bell cast. My childhood after school time relived!

Man, this guy is so fascinating. (and a bit weird): Chip Wilson, founder of lululemon.

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. (so interesting - read!!)

Diagrams that will make healthy eating easier. (I may need this after trying on my wedding dress today...!!)

Have you been to the Taphouse in Guildford yet? Aka the old Mirage? It's pretty good!!!

Netflix movie recommendation: Living on One Dollar a Day. A story of two university guys who go live in rural Guatemala and plan to live on $1 each per day.

Realty Reality: a new BC home show! With input & tips from FortisBC.  Have you watched it yet? How was it?

Have a great week ahead!

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