Sunday, March 22, 2015

a picture post

What did we do before phones with cameras?! I mean, I don't mean to sound like we NEED them, because I know we don't. However, what a great invention! We can capture all moments in our life, not just the extra special ones. Even though my trusty iPhone photos are not amazing, I love taking pictures so one day, I can look back at things and remember the details of life.

Today, we are having a lazy Sunday so far and I love it. Edwin is in the garage changing headlights & windshield wipers and I am on couch on my computer whilst drinking tea. We are heading to my parents for our weekly dinner in a bit! I love Sundays.

Here are some things I've been up to lately!

Edwin & I took Odie for a walk at Tynehead with us. He did the whole 5k like a trooper!

A post-walk selfie.

Odie promptly fell asleep on the back seat en route home.

This is when I babysat Jack, Harrison & Julia. The twins were asleep when I got there, but Julia woke up around 9. I'm not going to lie, I was okay with some Julia snuggles at that time - especially when she was so happy!

What would a Shannon blog post be without food pictures?! This was couscous with some roasted veggies.

Edwin & I went to Justin, Eliza & Kalan's for dinner. Kalan & Edwin had a blast, as you can see!

We also went to Amanda's that evening & played the game of Life. How fun are board games??!! This is my winning expression - I know it is just a board game, but it was such a shock because I was LITERALLY 20 spaces behind everyone the entire game.

We went to the flea market in Cloverdale with my dad two weeks ago today. This was the bouquet we bought for $4.50! Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm also happy to report that these flowers (minus the rose) are still alive and on the same table. I think that was $4.50 very well spent.

Amanda took me to get my nails done as an early birthday gift - I chose pink, as did she!

This was Edwin's choice last week from my "to make" list - seafood chowder! I put shrimp, halibut, and salmon in it, as well as potatoes, celery & onion. It turned out quite well actually! It wasn't as seafood-y tasting as what you would typically order in a restaurant, but that was okay with us.

We registered at the Bay!! That was amazingly fun.
We got a new pet - a yellow birdy! He is a coffee table birdy.

#FridayNight #Netflix

Last night, Heidi, Lindsay, Christina & their men & kiddos came over for dinner. They got me a birthday cake and Jack helped me blow out the candles.

Christina & Jack monkey-ing around - too cute.

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