Sunday, March 1, 2015

did you know?

  • It's March today! Hello warmer weather & flip flop season! (who are we kidding, I've been wearing flip flops for at least a month now) 
  • The Price Smart in Fleetwood is almost done its renovations. Wowza, there is a LOT new about it! There is a salad bar, Chinese food a la carte, sushi, hot soup, ready to bake pizzas, tons of ethnic aisles, more seafood, and an eating area! It is quite different and all of the food looks really yummy. Note: don't go there if you are hungry! High school peeps: remember when we used to go "Save On" all the time at lunch for mojo fries?
  • I joined our strata committee a few months ago, and our first meeting was on Thursday. I am now the vice president of it... this should be interesting!! (I DID forewarn them that I have zero knowledge of strata...I promise!) 
  • It was my friend Nicole's 30th birthday yesterday and it's my friend Christina's 30th birthday tomorrow. Yay for embracing 30 and for years of friendships with these gals!
  • I have a blood donation appointment next Thursday. I need to start eating lots of iron rich things and taking my iron pills... last time I was denied :( 
  • A new nightclub is coming in the Trump tower next year - operated by Drai's! Apparently it will be a pool bar with wading pools and all. So fancy for Vancouver!! 
  • Edwin & I are going to go for a walk now today at Tynehead and we are taking Odie, my parents dog. Should be fun!


  1. Make sure you take a lot of Vitamin C with the iron, helps absorb it! And yes, hello flip flops!!!

    1. OHHH that is good to know!!! I may have to buy some vitamin C pills. Somehow iron doesn't stick to me and I feel bad when I can't donate!! :(

      PS - random question: do you get notified when I comment on your comment?! Happy Friday!