Tuesday, April 7, 2015

around the web & things these days

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but below are some fun/interesting/not-so-interesting reads for you if you want to peruse the world wide web. Also, some updates on life these days are included for fun. Happy surfing!

Wedding things

Did I tell you we registered for wedding gifts?! That was SO fun!

We ordered wedding invitations from Minted.com - in the proofing stage currently! I've been really happy with this site & their process. Plus, there is usually a 15% off code on the site.

Life things 

Edwin & I are going on a May long weekend mini-getaway to Osoyoos! We found a good deal here. My family used to go to Osoyoos all the time growing up and I haven't been back in at least 10 years. I'm excited!

We also want to go see this at the Vancouver Opera. It's not my usual style, but it should be fun!

Food things

How much of a picky eater are you? Besides meat, and a few other things, I am pretty non-picky!

67 short pieces of advice you didn't ask for. Worth a quick read through!!

Milestones has my all-time favorite spinach & artichoke dip. I want to recreate it!

How to throw an inexpensive dinner party. This made me laugh because fajitas/tacos are always a go to of mine - not for cost but because everyone always likes them!! 

Um, a grilled cheese bar?! YES PLEASE!

Other (fun!) things

A fellow blogger friend WON a trip for her family to Disneyworld through Breakfast Television!! How cool would that be?? So excited for them! (They are also our wedding photographers)

We played this board game over the weekend with friends. Have you played it? Do you like it? So far I like it - but I think I still have a lot to learn!

Would you buy a McDonald's franchise? Here's the cost if you wanted to.

Tomorrow is hump day - happy Wednesday!

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