Wednesday, April 1, 2015

happy birthday to me

As you likely know, I turned 30 last week! Hooray - I survived it! Of course, I couldn't have survived it without the fantastic people in my life. I had seriously the best birthday ever. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, Facebook-posted, came to hang out with me, and spent time with me on or around my birthday! I appreciate having such amazing people in my life to ring in my 30's with me. And, I'm happy to report that so far, the 30's are great! 

My lovely fiancee sent me a gorgeous, giant bouquet of tulips & hydrangeas at work on Thursday. So fun to get flowers delivered at work!

My Grandma & Grandpa took us out for dinner the golf club on Thursday night. (more to come on the food & dinner!) Lo & behold, little sister came home from Smithers to surprise me!! I honestly had no idea - so that was exciting. Thank you so much for dinner Grandma & Grandpa!!

Thursdays are pasta night at the golf club. It's essentially a pasta buffet: you pick your toppings, pasta, and sauce, and a chef sautees it up right in front of you. There are tons of veggies, meat & seafood for options to put in your pasta. I choose a bunch of veggies, salmon, shrimp, and had alfredo sauce on it. It's so delicious and fun to custom make it. (this picture is before pasta - salads!)

Pasta! Of course, served with a little wine, and bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. True Italian night!

Did you know that Odie & I share a birthday? We do! My parents got him on my birthday last year, and since he is a rescue dog and we don't know his actual birthday, we've decided March 26th it is.

It's things like this that sometimes I miss about living at home - lounging on the couch with the fam. Jen was playing with Odie & his new birthday toy here.

On Friday, Edwin planned a surprise birthday dinner with tons of friends & family! I had no idea about that either - so many surprises happened for my birthday!!! This was right when Edwin & I got there. It was at Ebisu on Robson, and I really enjoyed the food a lot!! I definitely recommend it.

My book club girls! Keri, me, Eliza, Amanda, & Lisa.

My lil' sis - love her.

Christina, Heidi & Lindsay. My high school girls. We go wayyyyy back and have all turned 30 in the past 3 months! And are looking fabulous, I might add...

My man & I - I'm the birthday princess! (see below

I saw this cake at Price Smart (the new one in Fleetwood!) and loved it. I told Edwin he should get it for my birthday (semi-joking) and voila! Princess cake. I obviously wore the tiara for a while that night.

Amanda helped plan the party on Friday night, and I appreciate that so much!

She also took me for manicures & pedicures on Saturday. Lisa & her daughter Janessa came as well. It was oh so relaxing and girly!! Thanks girls :)

On Sunday, Edwin took me for brunch to Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive. I went there once in high school like 13 years ago, and loved the food. It's all vegetarian!! It's heaven for me! Edwin even liked the breakfast - even though it didn't have meat. After that, we went to the auto show. This is now the vehicle I'd like!

Thank you SO much for all the birthday love!!!! I look forward to my 30th year very much.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday!!! Happy 30th. Nya would've LOVED your cake!!