Sunday, May 24, 2015

May long weekend adventure: Osoyoos

Edwin I took a little road trip on the May long weekend recently to Osoyoos. Our extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - the whole shebang!) used to go up here every summer for many, many years when I was growing up. I was excited to see the city since I haven't been back in at least 10 years.

I mentioned previously that we found a great hotel deal, so we were excited for a mini-getaway that wasn't going to cost a lot. I'd never heard of our hotel, the Walnut Beach Resort, but it turned out to be amazing! I'd highly recommend it. It was only built 5 years ago, so everything is quite new still and very clean. The room had a kitchenette in it which we weren't expecting, but I still wasn't planning on cooking too much! It was handy though for the fridge and dishware for us to eat leftover pizza on.

We left Saturday morning around 8:30 am and came home Monday around 7 pm. It was so much fun overall!

Our room! (sadly no lakeview)

Le kitchen

I really liked the chandelier & the stonework in the stairwell.

The beach at our hotel. (the water was a tad cold to swim in...)

We had lunch at the restaurant at our hotel the day we got there.

Fish tacos & sangria for the lady

We then laid by the pool in the afternoon. It was hot & glorious.

After the pool, we walked to Rattlesnake Canyon to go mini golfing.

It was Edwin's first time mini golfing! Don't worry, I let him win.

A natural pro right here.

After mini golfing, we walked to the Sage Pub (great pizza, by the way!) and then walked back to our hotel. It started pouring rain, with thunder & lightning. We were absolutely drenched when we got back!!

On Sunday, we did a winery tour through the tour company called Landsea. It was great! They pick you up, take you to 4 wineries, and pay for all the tasting fees. Well worth the value in our opinion! This was at the first winery, Burrowing Owl. Beautiful view!

At the last winery of the day, Church and State.

Afterwards, we went our for a pasta lunch. Carbs were much needed to soak up all the wine we had! This pasta was SO good - it was rotini with shrimp & a pesto marinara sauce. I've never had pesto marinara before and I loved it! It was garlicky & tomatoey.

On Monday, we relaxed & laid by the pool some more. then we did some exploring around town. We visited Sandy Beach, where I used to go as a kid! These cabins that we used to stay in looked exactly the same as I remembered them.

The beach at Sandy Beach. I remember spending SO much time here. The tree with the square attached to it is the old dock the hotel used to have in the water.

Of course, we had to stop at Manning Park on the way home to see the squirrels! (chipmunks? Whatever they are!!) We also used to do this on our way to/from Osoyoos all the time :)

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  1. Our kids love those ground squirrels or whatever they are! Okay, I love them too :)