Monday, June 1, 2015

a june 'thing' post

Breaking news: Kim & Kanye are having baby #2!

Did you know it's now illegal for grocery stores in France to throw away old edible food?

10 things I could give up to lower my blood pressure... (Coffee?!?! Not sure about that one...)

An interesting parenting article: Why my family doesn't do sleepovers (I find this interesting because I grew up doing sleepovers, but Edwin didn't! What will we do with our future children?!)

How to make your own spice blends (use up those leftover tiny bits of spices!)

SCRABBLE FANS: study up! New words were added to the official Scrabble dictionary!

This is a funny rant article: Why are you competing? I do see quite a few people on Facebook these days entering themselves into physique & bodybuilding competitions these does, and I can see this guys point! A lot of people think that just because they are skinny and work out that they should compete.

Check this out: thinking in a foreign language makes decisions more rational. So my learning Spanish is EXTRA beneficial!

How the world tops their burgers (mmm...eggs!)

How to make crispy sushi in a waffle iron (I'm not so sure about this method...)

PS - this thing post really doesn't have much to do with June, I just wanted to note that it WAS June! That means there is 108 days until our wedding - yahoo!

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