Saturday, June 6, 2015

our engagement photos

As you may already know, Edwin & I got engagement photos done by the talented GC Photography last weekend! You may be tired of hearing about these already via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever else I've posted them, but I am very happy with how they turned out. Click here to check out the pictures on their blog!

There are definitely a few photos that I don't love as much as others because of random reasons (my side profile/nose, for example), but overall I feel like they captured our love perfectly. (cheesy, I know!) Even though we've been engaged for a while now, it is nice to have professional photos of us that we can look back on that aren't wedding photos; photos of the two us in "day to day life." I did my hair & make up trial for the wedding prior on the same day of the photos, so that worked out well so that I had help trying to look pretty!

I love pretty much all of the ones where the sunlight is coming through, and I really loved the location. We did it at Green Timbers park, which is where Edwin & I went for a very long walk on a VERY hot day two years ago, and where he proposed to be almost one year ago. I also liked the location because there is a pond (lake maybe? It's pretty small, but people fish!) with a little "dock," and lots of greenery and wild flowers.

Just in case you are wondering how I decided what to wear, let me tell you that was quite the ordeal. I had decided for one outfit to wear the blue & white striped dress you see below, and then for the second outfit, I wanted to wear exactly the second outfit you see, just with a solid bright coloured shirt. Turns out I bought not one, but FIVE new shirts to wear. And guess what? I didn't even love any of them!! Poor Edwin...So, the shirt in the second outfit is one of the five new ones, but I wasn't in love with it for photo purposes. I like the shirt, but was wanting something solid coloured (not striped again) but really struggled to find something! Go figure. 

Here are a "few" of my favorites:(and if anyone wants to see more, come on over! I have all 300 available for your viewing pleasure!)

All of our photos were given to us in both colour AND black & white!

An outtake...

I LOVE this one of my ring!!!

Of course I wore flip flops - I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't wearing them!!

This is the exact bench we sat on on our first date, and the same bench where Edwin proposed to me last June. So meaningful to me!

Thanks so much to Gary & Louise for taking these pictures!! I can't wait for our wedding day, for so many reasons, but the pictures will definitely be fun! Also, the pictures came on a USB stick with a thank you card, and the most fun packaging:

Happy weekend - hope it's a great one! (don't forget to wear sunscreen...)


  1. You're cute.
    We have a wedding this weekend so I'll definitely be wearing sunscreen!
    I love seeing which ones YOU love and I'm glad I kept the outtake in there ;)