Thursday, November 5, 2015

but first, a food thing post!

What would this blog be if I didn't do a food thing post recently?!


I made these fancy cinnamon roll pancakes over the weekend. They taste exactly like a cinnamon bun, but are a bit on the sweet side! I found these pancakes on a list of 25 fun, different style pancakes. (so many to try - I may try pumpkin ones this weekend)

I also made creepy witch finger cookies for Halloween & they were in the paper yesterday! My mom used to make these when we were kids. (note: make then very thin before baking otherwise you end up with very fat fingers!)

ALERT: free sushi making class this Saturday in Burnaby!! (hopefully it's not full by the time you see this)

Cheese lovers: we tried a new cheese in Guatemala - queso panela. It's light and similar to queso fresco. Does anyone know if you can buy it here?

17 shocking food facts that will make you question everything (blew my mind - who can eat just 11 Doritos?!)

30 pound burrito challenge: are you up for it?! (cool prize, though)

My sister is swearing by these mashed yams these days. She is turning into a little chef up there!

This gluten free cornbread is delicious & easy to make

What do you have on your menu this week?

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