Friday, November 27, 2015

costa rica

Next on our honeymoon was Costa Rica. We flew from Guatemala City to San Jose in Costa Rica. The flight was quite short, however once in San Jose, we had to get about 6 hours North to our resort, which was near El Jobo near the border of Costa Rica & Nicaragua. There are of course lots of shuttles & cabs, however for that distance, they are crazy expensive. So, my hubby found us a bus to take instead! This was the first of two lengthy bus rides we took on our honeymoon - more on the even longer one in my next post about Panama! Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of the commute from San Jose to El Jobo via bus. There wasn't air conditioning, so let's just leave the ride at that.

We did take quite a few pictures in Costa Rica, however, after going through them, realized there is a LOT of just us hanging out at the pool, and things like that. We truly had a great & relaxing time and this resort was beautiful. I'd recommend the resort itself for sure, however due to its location, it's very challenging to get to.

FYI: people kept saying that monkeys are everywhere in Costa Rica, but we didn't see any whatsoever. We didn't even see them when we woke up early one day to go on the guided trail hike where they supposedly see monkeys all the time! Bummer.

Our resort, Dreams Las Maraeas, was absolutely gorgeous. This leg of the trip was our all-inclusive & majorly relaxing portion of our honeymoon. The intention was to lay by the pool, and not do too much more.

The beach at our hotel. This was the first day there and we wanted to swim in the ocean. So we did! It was warm, minimal waves, and not many people were there. Later that day, we were at the front desk inquiring about excursions, and they let us know that swimming in the ocean is actually prohibited right now due to sting rays & strong currents. Apparently we didn't notice the red flags on the beach that were supposed to tell us not to swim in the ocean. (maybe they should tell you to look for those upon check-in...)

Our names were in the daily news letter! "Congratulations Honeymooners: Mr. & Mrs. Obando"

There was a snack bar by the pool that served nachos, hot dogs, burgers, and quesadillas. It was incredible. I ate nachos, or just chips, guac & salsa as pictured here. This always equated to a very happy Shannon.

Our hotel patio included a jacuzzi on it! It was like a double-wise bathtub. It was awesome, like our own personal pool. We had a few beers in here a few nights.

Check our Edwin's ring tan!

We went to a show one evening, and Edwin got pulled up on stage. It was hilarious! Here he is, flexing his muscles for the audience as per instruction.

This is how I spent most afternoons, with my dance crew on the pool deck.

Aaaand this is how Edwin spent most of his afternoons, napping poolside.

We had big plans to go on excursion snorkeling. Prior to doing so, we wanted to practice in the pool. Turns out, we never ended up signing up for the excursion so this was the only snorkeling we did on the trip!

The drink on the right was my favorite drink, called a green monster. Edwin starting calling me a green monster because I drank so many! It was a fruity blended drink, but with mint in it. SO GOOD. Edwins drink on the left is a "Bob Marley" as its the Jamaican colors.

At the Mexican restaurant for dinner one evening.

After a few drinks, finding a piano is ALWAYS fun.

The resort was especially pretty in the evenings.

This is us taking the city bus leaving the resort. We took the bus back to San Jose. In San Jose is where we needed to get on our NEXT bus to get to Panama. (again, stay tuned for a long bus ride story...)

I feel like I look really tanned in this photo, so I'm posting it ;)
After this post, only one more left: PANAMA!

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