Sunday, November 1, 2015

i'm a mrs.

It's been a while... I'm aware. Apparently blogging hasn't been my forte in the last... year or two? I am really going to try to put more effort into posting a bit more regularly; maybe not every day or two, but at least regularly. I'm not really sure of the frequency that could be....anywho, we shall find out.

This is my second blog post as a wife, but the first decent length one. Edwin & I have been married for 6 lovely weeks now, 3.5 of which were spent honeymooning. I feel like I could probably write a million blog posts on planning the wedding, the day of the wedding, each country we went to etc. Maybe I will! I'll start with sharing some of my favorite wedding photos. If you missed the link to our photographers blog post of pictures, you will find it here. (if you want the full version of ALL the wedding photos, come on over! We have lots!!)

The moment we become Mr & Mrs. Yes, it was pouring rain. Yes, it blocked the gorgeous view of the city that the golf club has, but yes, it was perfect.

I LOVED the flowers. I loved the combinations of coral & pink flowers, the textures of everything.

Isn't he handsome? I love this tuxedo on him!

The rain really only was a factor for photos in a sense that there weren't too many options of locations to take photos. We still managed to get quite a few. I think anywhere at the golf club is pretty!

(we got all photos given to us in color and black & white - it's so hard to decide which is better!!)

Some of my favorite people!

The best ring bearer ever! (and cutest)

I love this picture!

My grandparents

Edwin & I with our families

This was one of my favorite moments at the reception: the Guatemalan marimba dance! SO many people joined in!!!

I swear, this was NOT planned that Jen caught the bouquet!

My Uncle Dave, the MC, showing my mom & Mrs. Klassen the picture of him as an MC at my parents wedding at the same venue 35 years ago.

Cousins!! This is my moms side of the family, left to right: Gina, Jaro, Colin, Robyn, Kurt, Danielle, Julia, Graham, me, Edwin, Matt, Jenn, Kristin, & Steven

This is our "YMCA crew photo" - everyone I am friends with that I met while working at the Y. So many fun people!!

High school girlfriends - Lindsey, Lindsay, me, Heidi, Christa, & Christina. Love that we got this picture!!
Overall, the wedding was SO much fun! I love that we have so many friends and family who care about us to come and celebrate our love and be happy for us. As much as I stressed about everything pre-wedding and even on the day of, it all went amazingly. There was a LOT of work that was put into this wedding, as I'm sure there is to all weddings, and I am glad it is done. I felt like it was a part-time job; there was always something to do. I am so glad that I am spending the rest of my life with this man, and that everyone got to share with us. Thank you again to anyone reading who helped out in any way, shape, or form!

I was looking forward to our honeymoon from the moment we started planning. I read an article once (that I unfortunately can't find now) that said that people experience very high levels of happiness just from the act of planning a vacation. Not executing the vacation, simply planning it. Isn't that interesting? We like having something to look forward to as a human race, I guess. We went to four countries: Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. The countries themselves were beautiful, hot, and scenic; and we had so much fun with Edwin's family in Guatemala and with each other in the other countries. This was our first time flying together, and definitely the furthest we'd traveled together. Such a fun experience! I think I'd like to do a blog post on each country we went to, but for now, I'll show you some highlights:

We had photos taken of us in Antigua, Guatemala. It's a gorgeous city with lots of history!

We had a Gallo, local beer, after our big photo shoot. We also had typical Guatemalan lunch dishes!

This was our lazy river selfie at Xocomil, a super fun water park. I could have done that lazy river allllll day.

You may have seen this view on social media already, but this was our hotel view in Panajachel. It was gorgeous surrounding the lake and volcanoes!!

We ate at some very authentic places in Panajachel. I loved all the colors of everything there, and of course, the coffee!

The beach in Guatemala, with black sand! This is Edwin, me, Edwin's sister Nancy, and her two children Stephanie and baby Liam.

Gorgeous, and huge waves there!

We made it to Hopkins, Belize!! This hotel was awesome, I'd go back in a heartbeat.

The queen is on their money as well!

The beach was pretty, but there was lots of seaweed. We walked into the ocean, but primarily swam in the nearby pool.

After Belize, it was back to Guatemala. From Guatemala, it was off to Costa Rica! This was at the beach in Costa Rica.

This was my favorite thing to do: eat nachos every day by the pool in the afternoon. #AllInclusiveRocks

Or was this my favorite thing to do... dance every day by the pool in the afternoon...

From Costa Rica, we went to Panama. This was our super cool/touristy tour bus. It was awesome to go on though as it helped us learn the city!

Downtown Panama, gorgeous skylines!
Again, I'll post more hopefully, but those are a few pictures to hold me over for now of our amazing once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon! Now, back to reality with work, things to do around the house, etc...

Happy November!!


  1. I like very much to read your proudiness. A Dutch expression says "shout it from the roof tops", which means, everybody must be informed, everybody is allowed to see how proud I am. Way to Shannon and Edwin (do you know that Edwin is a typical Dutch first name). Thanks for sharing Shannon, way to go!

    1. I have seen the name Edwin a few times in more European settings, yes! It's definitely not a Guatemalan name! Edwins middle name is also Geovanny, which isn't very Spanish either- hahaha