Tuesday, December 15, 2015

december food thoughts

Recently, my book club girls & I had our annual Christmas dinner. (see: 2011 & 2014) However, instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, we made an array of appetizers. Who doesn't love appys?! The amount of food we had for 5 of us girls, plus one child, was phenomenal! We were all quite full at the end of the night, to say the least.

See? So much! I mean, it WAS dinner for all of us, but still, we had tons of food. I made 3 types of flatbreads (dough included - made with my KitchenAid mixer!), we had tons of fancy cheeses, pasta salad, artichoke dip, 7 layer dip, stuffed mushroom caps, and much more....

Since Lisa's daughter Janessa came with her, we took advantage of having a photographer with us and took some posed photos. Remember taking photos like this back in the day?!

It was a pajama party!

Amanda made this adorable holiday sangria. It has a sprig of rosemary in it, and cranberries with green apples. I think the liquid is a white wine with white grape juice. It was tasty, and the rosemary helped to make it not too sweet.

Has anyone done any holiday baking? I made peanut butter balls (these, but without the sprinkles on top) and almond florentines. The peanut butter balls were really tasty, and easy to make, and then I gave them all away. Then, I made almond florentines, thinking they couldn't really be that hard. (it's stuff baked on graham crackers) Boy, was I wrong. Turns out, don't use wax paper for these. They all stuck to the wax paper, and Edwin & I spent an hour trying to peel them off nicely. We yielded about 2/3 of the total florentines I made, but still, they were quite troublesome and some *may* still contain small traces of wax paper. (you've been warned) The last thing I want to make is peppermint brownies, but I just need to get around to doing that... oh! I did make red pepper jelly too. It tastes good, but is too runny. Darn. I am still giving it to people, as it is still edible!

Next year, to give people at Christmas time, I'd like to try making these pickled veggies! Don't they look pretty? And would taste lovely!

Last but not least, if anyone needs a gift for me still for Christmas, check out these sushi inspired gifts. How cute?!

Tell me about your holiday baking! Good and bad baking items would both be appreciated stories at this point :) And if you don't do holiday baking, tell me why! I'm considering just leaving it to my mom for now... she makes the best shortbread. And her almond florentines don't stick to the pan...


  1. We had a bunch of families over on Sunday and just did appetizers too! So yummy :)

  2. I am a big time foodie and food corner is the main attraction for me in any party. So, I must say the way you decorated it is amazing for any party. Can you tell me where did you stated it and share some details for my party at LA venues?