Sunday, December 27, 2015

merry christmas

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year where everyone is happy, you see lots of family, and there's usually a little less work in everyones lives. What's not to love? Plus, giving gifts is enjoyable to me too - I know not everyone loves this, and it's not always fun to me, but for the most part, picking out something that I think someone will like is fun to me. Giving gifts is one of my love languages, and it's definitely not about the value of the gift, rather the thought.

On Christmas Eve, we went to church with my family. (my parents & brother; Jen didn't come home for Christmas this year) Then, my aunt & uncle came over with Chinese food (yum) for dinner. Edwin & I had a sleepover at my parents since we were going to be there Christmas morning anyways. On Christmas morning, we opened gifts, and had our traditional breakfast of wife saver, land of nod cinnamon buns, hashbrowns, orange juice, and coffee. (with champagne & Bailey's, respectively for the drinks!) Do you have any breakfast traditions for Christmas?

Edwin & I then went home to shower & change, opened our gifts to each other, and headed back to my parents for turkey dinner! Can I just say how much I love stuffing? (vegetarian, of course) And brussell sprouts?

Odie chillin' by the Christmas tree

This cute boy I know in his pj's

One of my new lulu items - a vinyasa scarf with a gold zipper

Wearing our cute hats from the Christmas crackers - tell me we aren't the only family that wears these?!

It is snowing today!
Last but not least, my parents & bro are coming over tonight for dinner. (you'd think we'd all be sick of each other by now! Nope!) I'm making fajitas.

What is your favorite part of the Christmas season? What did you get up to recently? I hope you are all happy and spending some time with good people! :)

PS - If you need a good, funny read, check out this food bloggers recipe disasters of 2015. She does this compilation annually, and I love it! It makes me happy that even professionals have food flops. Happens to the best of us ;)

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