Thursday, December 17, 2015

thankful thursday

I really enjoy reading others peoples "thankful thursday" posts, so I figured I should try to do it more often!

1. My sister being home recently. She was home for training in Chiliwack and was able to spend time with us on the weekends. Plus, it was her birthday while she was here so we had a family dinner at Cactus Club in Abbotsford. Pants & I also drove out to meet her for dinner one night, and WOW, Chiliwack is very far to drive to! (I haven't been there in a long time)
At the Taphouse in Guildford for some birthday drinks.

2. My dad coming with us to get a Christmas tree. He did this last year too, and since neither Edwin nor I are tree experts, this is much appreciated! He picks us up, gets his own tree too, and helps us bring it upstairs at our house & set it up. His truck is also greatly appreciated!

This is our tree! More pictures to come on it being set up later.

 3. Girlfriends. I love some good girl time, pajamas or not! I also love some good kiddo time.

We took a lot of photos... you may have seen another one on Instgram of us on the couch, or one in my previous blog post of our heads in a circle... we are cool like that. (these are my book club girls)

Julia & I. These twins are getting cuter by the minute. Look at those cheeks! And pigtails!

Lindsay with Harrison.

Happy birthday Heid!! We celebrated the with the classiest cake ever: cinnamon buns in the plastic container.

4. Christmas presents. I really, truly enjoy buying things for other people. I love picking out things that I know they will really like and then seeing them open the gift. I get this from my mom; she is exactly the same way. (disclaimer: we both can get a bit stressed or overwhelmed at Christmastime though!)

5. Date night. Edwin has been working super duper hard lately, and it was fun to be able to go out for dinner on Saturday night. Below is the caeser I had, with a prawn! It was delicious. I also had a seafood hot pot at the Washington Avenue Grill, and it was delicious also.

6. Craigslist. I recently put some candles & candle holders here from the wedding. Realistically, we did not have any use for the 18 candles & candle holders, even though I could have convinced myself that we did. I really like being able to sell something to someone else who needs it, so it can get re-purposed. (win-win, then it also doesn't create clutter in our house!) Plus, a few extra dollars in my pocket doesn't hurt! I thought selling the candle holders with the candles as well might be a long shot, since they are used candles, but nope. The first email I got wanted the whole package. Done. (FYI - there is not much else we are selling from the wedding. I have put sentimental value into most other things!!)

7. Funny things. I got such a good laugh out of these two comics and need to share them with the world:

I need to go to bed, so I don't think I'll be able to get to the full 10 on my list unfortunately! But being thankful for 7 things in my life is better than none. What are YOU thankful for?

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