Wednesday, February 24, 2016

a list thing post

Hello & happy Wednesday! I thought I'd format my 'thing posts' differently once in a while.... I do love a good numbered list! Enjoy :)

1 place I'd like to go:
- the Summer Cave in Grotta Palazzese in Italy (read about it here also!)

2 recipes I've tried lately:
- marsala shrimp 
- overnight pancake casserole

3 recipes I'd like to try soon:
- spaghetti pie
- hummus with this hummus hack
- rice and beans (Southern style!)

4 food blogs/site I love:
- smitten kitchen
- Dinner: A Love Story
- vanilla and bean 
- A Cozy Kitchen

5 articles I've enjoyed lately:
- Tidying up your Newsfeed 
- 21 things all Costco food lovers will understand (I think this is American, they are missing poutine!!)
- Meet the "Man Who Lives Without Money." (fascinating)
- Reasons why pizza crust is the best part of the pie ("it basically defines the pizzas entire style")
- $20 & Trader Joes = 5 meals for the week

And one bonus link, just because you are fantastic:Pictures of the most adorable baby squirrels
Have a great week amigos!

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