Thursday, March 10, 2016

a thing post

I know you've all been waiting for another food thing post, so here it is! Happy reading!

I recently read a Latin recipe that called for achiote, so I found a Latin food store and bought some. Now, I can't remember/find which recipe I wanted to make for the life of me!

Edwin & I recently were discussing the idea of growing our own food. (down the road, some garden veggies mostly perhaps!) We found this article: Is it cheaper to grow your own food? (spoiler alert: not really!)

An article about Latin food in Vancouver. Sadly, there are not any Guatemalan-specific restaurants!

Tourism Surrey has a new hashtag project for food! (#TrueSurrey) My Saturday night pizza was posted on their website recently. (have you guys had crazy bread lately? OMG - to die for.)

"Italian Cuisine Worth Going to Jail For" - I want to go!!

Last weeks dinner menu at our house was a bit ethnic:

Rice and beans, like we had in New Orleans. I think this is an easier said than done recipe.... my beans were fine; they had lots of flavor. But they weren't QUITE New Orleans style. I losely used this recipe. (Guess I'll have to go back to New Orleans to eat them again!)

Pad thai. I didn't really use a recipe for this one, since I semi-cheated and just bought premade pad thai sauce from Save On Foods. I did flip through a few recipes to see what was good in the dish, and therefore added scrambled egg, cilantro, jalepeno, limes, and chopped peanuts. This dish is definitely a make again! (and so easy if you just buy the pre made sauce!!
Do you have any good recipes that you love? Any staples I can introduce in our household? Our staples that we eat at least once every 1 - 2 weeks are fajitas (had them tonight!), pasta, and soup & sandwiches. When I asked Edwin what meal he thought was a regular for us, he said quinoa and vegetables. (don't believe him - he just doesn't like those things and therefore  thinks they are "all" the time. But we DO eat a lot of vegetables compared to his bachelor days, that is for sure. I can't even remember the last time I made quinoa!)

I always keep a running list in my phone called "To Make." I think I've mentioned this before? That way, when I am pondering what to make in the upcoming week, I can browse the list and come up with a new recipe or two I want to try out. Some of next weeks contenders are cabbage rolls and/or polenta. Have you ever made either of those? Any cool suggestions for me to add to my list? I love new recipes!!

Happy cooking & eating!

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