Sunday, March 6, 2016

first aid

I am happy to report that I am officially certified in Occupational First Aid Level 2. Let me tell you about it!

Every workplace with x amount of people, x distance from a hospital, and with low/moderate/high risk workplaces is required to have certified people who can provide first aid to coworkers. I applied to be one of ours, as well as join the OHS committee. As you know, first aid is something I enjoy & have done lots of in my life, so I was excited that I was chosen for this role. (it is just supplementary/in addition to my regular full time position) Basically, I will attend to any first aid necessities while I am at work. (now that I am certified)

The course is a 40 hour course with an exam that is not included within that week-long course. I was excited for a change of scenery from work, and to brush up on my first aid skills. As it turned out, this course was actually quite intense! There were quite a few things that were new to me (standards for CPR have changed recently) and a lot of things that I just needed to review. (ie: the 'official' steps in which to approach a scene & deal with a person - there are far more than you would think!!!)

On top of the course itself, there was reading & homework each evening. I felt like I ate, slept, and breathed first aid/CPR last week. As I mentioned, on top of the course & the homework, there was a 6 hour exam on Saturday at 8 am. The majority of it was a practical exam, where you demonstrate the skills we'd learned in 4 scenarios. Then there was a written test as well. I was more nervous about the practical exam, because it is so nerve racking when someone is staring at you to do something and has a clipboard in hand!

This was me for a good chunk of the week. I have a bit of a sore back & knees now.... I'm getting old!

I was so nervous and might have had a bit of a melt down Friday evening. Then, I roped Edwin into being my patient and he studied/practiced with me for a few hours. Luckily, both the practical & the written exam went really well. I definitely over stressed, however it WAS a very intense course so my stressing felt justified. For the record, I got 100% on the practical portion of the exam! (I unfortunately never saw my written exam mark - she handed me my certificate, I knew I passed, and I was outta there!)

Now, HOPEFULLY none of the wild scenarios we had in the course actually happen at work. Nonetheless, being prepared as a workplace is the best idea to be on the safe side. I truly do think being prepared safety wise is great for everyone.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Good for you! I would be so nervous for the practical portion, too.