Tuesday, March 8, 2016


We recently received some photos from Edwin's parents from the wedding reception they threw for us in Guatemala at the Crowne Plaza. They had received the photos after we left Guatemala and weren't sure how to send them to us once they got them back. Edwin's dad ended up emailing them to him in many, many emails - it must have taken him a long time! It was exciting to see them since this was 4 months ago.

Side note before you see them: we didn't think this was a very fancy party originally. We thought it was more of just a get together lunch, and didn't even know the location. Turns out it was at a very nice hotel and quite fancy! I wore my best sandals and we went out to buy Edwin a polo. Voila - fancy! Haha!)

This is when we entered the reception. The tradition in Guatemalan weddings is to have something that spills beans & rice over the newlyweds, symbolizing "may rice & beans be abundant in your marriage & family." Cute hey? (this picture was RIGHT before the rice & beans fell)

This was one of the best cheese platter appetizers I've ever had. I don't even know what the cheese in the middle was, but it had a little pesto on top and it was seriously delicious. Surrounded with caramelized onions, grapes, nuts, and fruit, I was in heaven.

You  betcha, we marimba'd again!

Left to right: Edwin's dad, Edwin's mom, Tio David (Edwin's moms brother), me, Edwin, Edwin's cousin Claudia (Tio David's daughter), and her boyfriend Josh.

We did a little photo shoot by the pool area, which was directly next to the reception/patio area. The photographer suggested fun drinks for some photos, which I think was a good idea!
Can someone take me back to our honeymoon? Or, if there are no good time travelers out there, can you send me to Central America again soon?! :)

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