Sunday, April 17, 2016

a thing post

Happy Sunday! What have you gotten up to this weekend? On Friday night, Edwin & I went bowling as part of a social event with my co-workers. (I actually really enjoy bowling!) On Saturday, Pants came over and helped Edwin assemble a ceiling fan. (yay for a breeze in the summer!) Today, we went to the races with Amanda and Rob. Have you ever been? Wow, it was SO FUN! We just placed very small bets on horses and it was a blast. Plus, so gorgeous and sunny!

I am so bummed I missed entering this wild contest. Would you have entered?

What would you make with these ingredients for dinner? (top-chef-at-home-style)

Amanda & I are going to this "Mindful Movie" night on Tuesday - it is about zero-waste and I am so intrigued! (I just saw that it is sold out now, sorry!)

This blogger posts "a week of dinners" regularly and I love seeing other peoples ideas!

If I owned a bicycle, I'd definitely need a few of these... 

This fun Indian event is coming up on Saturday - are any of you going?! (I recommend it for the food...)

Speaking of Indian food... check out what is on my menu for tomorrow night. (of course, with some variations for this non-meat eater) I'm excited already! 

And if you want more links for online reading, check out here or here.

Have a great week everyone!

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