Thursday, April 14, 2016

thankful thursday

These days, I am thankful for lots of things! Some of then include:

1. May weekend adventures. We have two weekend trips coming up in May! My cousin Meryl is getting married at Kumsheen Rafting Resort so we are going to Lytton for a weekend. I always love weddings, and love that Meryl & Evans is uniquely themed for them. We are also headed up to Smithers to see my sister for a few days the weekend after the wedding. I love mini-adventures!

2. Flowers. I recently planted some flowers in our front yard-ish area. I really love to make this little cement boxy thing look pretty in the spring & summer.

The big cement bowl is a permanent fixture. I bought all the pretty pots on the right from HomeSense recently. The little flower on the left was an extra that didn't fit anywhere - need to find somewhere for it to go still!

3. Whatsapp. I think I've mentioned before that our family (minus Edwin, he has chosen to not opt-in to the group chat - too overwhelming for him I think!) has a Whatsapp conversation. It started before Jen went to depot, so probably over 2 years ago? I love our "FamJam" conversation that goes on all day. I love that we all send messages, pictures, and notes about our days. Last week, Pants sent us some pictures of when he took Odie to the dog park. Odie decided to play in a mud puddle with another dog!

4. Friday night Date night. Edwin & I went out for dinner on Friday to La Piazza Dario, the Italian restaurant at the Italian cultural center. We actually had been there before, and then saw that it was on Groupon, which was exciting! The food there is seriously so good. After dinner, we went for a drive up Burnaby Mountain. So pretty!
Linguine di mare

Not the greatest photo, but the view from here really is spectacular on a clear night! We will go back up during the day for a picnic soon.

5. A husband that keeps track of money things. As I type this post, Edwin is also at his computer doing his weekly "accounting duties." I love that he keeps track of our finances and is so good at it! This is definitely not a forte of mine, so I majorly appreciate it in him.

What are you thankful for this week?

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