Wednesday, June 22, 2016

chaat recipe

I made this Indian appetizer on Saturday night and it turned out to be quite popular! I thought I'd share it here a) so I can remember it and b) you can learn & maybe try it. The recipe is essentially potatoes & chickpeas topped with sauces & crunchy things. (crunchers, as Edwin calls anything crunchy on a salad)

I am googling to try to find some "official" recipes, but it seems there are quite a few varieties of chaat out there. I think the technical name is "papdi/papri chaat," but I've only ever known it as chaat. My recipe was based off a friend from work telling me how to make it, so I am going to go with this one :) However, if you want to use a recipe from online, this one is relatively similar.

4 potatoes, cut into small squares
1 can chick peas
4 flour tortillas, cut into small squares 
1/2 container of plain yogurt
Tamarind & date chutney
Chopped red onion
Chaat masala spice (found at Save On Foods International in Fleetwood) 

Season the tortilla squares with the chaat masala spice. Bake until golden & crunchy.
Boil the potatoes in salted water.
Drain & rinse the chick peas; lightly season with chaat masala.
Finely chop red onion.
Finely chop cilantro.

For the sauces, yogurt & chutney, place those in separate bowls. This appetizer is a self-assembly one, so each item will be in a separate bowl. This way, people can put on it what they like. You should have one bowl with each of the following: potatoes, chick peas, crunchers, yogurt, chutney, onions, cilantro, and chaat masala seasoning. See photo:

Once assembled by people, it should resemble this:

Image found via Google:

Sometimes, chaat is also served with a green mint chutney. Feel free to add that, or omit onions or cilantro to your preference! The nice thing about people mixing it themselves is that they can make it how they want. If they want it extra spicy, they can add more chaat masala spice!

In my searching, I found this site that has other fun Indian appetizer type dishes. Happy cooking!


  1. Thank you Shannon, the chaat was delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe, I was going to call you for it. Justin thought it was amazing and wants me to make it ;)

    1. I am glad he liked it!!!! Its so easy to make too. xo

  2. one of the best street food, Thanks for the recipe shannon