Thursday, June 2, 2016

thankful thursday

I have lots to be thankful for every, single day in my life. Here are some of them today: 

1. Wedding & baby showers. I love being able to celebrate these joyful things in other peoples lives! I have a baby shower to attend on Saturday for a good friend of mine, and a wedding shower on Sunday for my cousin Danielle.

2. Swimming. I've been swimming with Jack lately to try to teach him a thing or two. It's been super fun for us on a bonding level and to see him progress! I really do feel proud of him. I also seriously enjoy playing in the pool. It makes me nostalgic to my good ol' swim instructor days...

3. Books. I've been to Chapters a few times this week to buy gifts for the aforementioned showers and other reasons, and books are just so great. I hope they always stay around! I love that they can take you away to another place while you are reading. I feel that they also help keep the brain sharp and teach you new words or phrases. I am currently attempting to read a book in Spanish... I'm on page 2. (I'll keep you posted on that progress...)

4. My family. Edwin & I were away for two weeks in a row, and this past weekend, we caught up to our usual Sunday routine of dinner at my parents. It was nice to catch up again and get back to normal. (and have my mom cook, who are we kidding!) We also got an added bonus of seeing my grandparents for dinner on Saturday night!

5. A job that is so close to home. I don't mean to rub it in to all of you who commute, but I am just really grateful that I only work 10 minutes away. Not sitting in traffic is awesome, I must say.

Have a great weekend! 

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