Sunday, July 17, 2016

happy 60th birthday dad!

My dad turned 60 this past Saturday - can you believe it?! We thought doing something a bit more special was warranted for this, hence we did a little family trip to Osoyoos. My dad is a big fan of the water, warm temperatures, and beer. This combined all of those things together easily!

Growing up, our family used to go to Osoyoos every summer with our whole extended family on my moms side. My mom even went here as a kid before she started taking her own family. Therefore, it has a bit of nostalgia associated with going there! 

All in all, we had tons of fun and I think everyone got to relax too, even with 7 adults sharing a townhouse! We had some other family members whose stays in Osoyoos overlapped with ours a bit. We got to see Aunty Lydia, Uncle Ken, Aunty Catherine, Uncle Bruce, and my cousin Kristin! My parents also brought Odie so that always kept things interesting.
Heading to go float in the lake. Oh how I love floating! (Edwin opted out of the lake floating - he is more of a heated pool kinda guy)

My cute parents.

Sister selfie.

Pants mini golfing at Rattlesnake Canyon. Classic thing to do in Osoyoos!

Headed to wineries, cutest sign ever.

At Church and State winery - the one with the fun/sassy wine labels. A must if you visit Osoyoos wineries!!

Another must-see winery in Osoyoos: Platinum Bench. Not only do they have good wine, but they have a winery dog (Wally) and they make homemade fancy sourdough breads. Delicious!! (not cheap, but delicious!)

I  love this one - the whole gang! (at Platinum Bench)

Odie was particularly cuddley this day.
A classic Spier past time.

Another classic Spier past time - hahaha! We got the birthday boy a shot for his birthday when we had dinner at the Sage Pub.
Alas, we must return to reality and head back to work tomorrow. I am also only a TINY bit envious of my little brother who is headed to Europe on Tuesday...Him and 5 friends will go to London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin. Only a little jealous... !!!

What are your summer plans? Are you going anywhere? Happy mid-July!

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