Monday, July 11, 2016

things these days

I get really excited when I am reminded that there are more people than just my parents & Edwin who read my blog. I was recently reminded that my cousins read it too! (gotta love my family - most supportive blog readers ever!)

I thought I'd post some pictures of things that happen been happening these days. Also, meals I've been making, because that makes me happy :)

Can I just say how much I love this photo? I had some really good natural light coming in and it made for a lovely photo I think! (tooting my own iPhone photography horn here....) This was baked eggs & toast, a new breakfast recipe I tried! I'm always in the market for new breakfast recipes. Any suggestions?

Edwin & I often go pick up Odie and take him to Tynehead Park. He is always so tired after and lays down on the backseat. He's cute.

It was Amanda's boyfriends 35th birthday over the July long weekend and she planned a weekend extravaganza. This is Edwin & Amanda at Old Abbey Ales for beer tasting. My favorite beer was the raspberry sour.

On the left is the raspberry sour, and the rest were all lighter or fruity beers. I don't like dark/heavy ones!

Paintballing was also one of the events. Remind me that next time i think it's a good idea to sign up for paintballing to NOT sign up. I don't know why I thought this was my kind of thing... I ended up crouched behind a stump with some 11 year olds the whole time.

This was the highlight for me of Rob's birthday weekend - karaoke at the Walnut Grove Pub. Justin even convinced Edwin to sing a song with him!! I was shocked. And impressed that he actually did it. The night was really fun and ended in a 12 person group karaoke rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. SO FUN. 

I loved the color of the sky one night! This is out our bedroom window.

See, this is an example of a food picture you would NOT see on instagram. I thought the sauce splatters would be trendy and look really cool in a photo. Nope, looks like I spilled alllll over the plate. These are cabbage rolls, by the way. They look easier than they are....I'll stick to eating my Aunty Josie's whenever she makes them!!!

The City of Surrey had a pop-up junk shop on Saturday. It was free to drop off all your old electronics, mattresses, tires, etc. We got rid of some things that had been looming in the garage for a while now. In this photo, you will see my parents beloved 80's blue lamp going to lamp heaven. They have more dates coming up too, check it out!

Wedding selfie! My cousin Danielle got married on Saturday. Colin and I had fun sitting next to each other!

My cousins Kristin, Steven, & Robyn.

My mom requesting selfies...

The bridge & groom!! Her dress was GORGEOUS!!! She looked really beautiful.

I got my hair done last week and took a little selfie on snapchat... you have to pass the time SOMEHOW when sitting with the heater-thing on your head...
And last but not least, today is my beloved husbands birthday. He is 32 years young. I woke up early to make him pancakes in bed before he went to work, and we ended today with pizza & a beer at Famoso Pizzeria. Happy birthday to you, Edwin!

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