Monday, August 1, 2016

hello, august + long weekend

Edwin & I actually didn't have any plans for this long weekend. I was okay with that, as a little relaxing is up my alley. We ended up doing quite a bit though, and still got some good relaxing time in. Here's some deets on what we got up to this weekend!

Friday: Edwin & I went to the Surrey Night Market. We went two summers ago as well, when the night market was first debuting. It was not great, but we figured it was because it was just getting started. Upon going two years later, we've learned it hasn't changed at all. This is unfortunate, because we like to support local city events and vendors, and its so close for us compared to the Richmond night market! We did, however, enjoy the food we had  and there were quite a few options. We had shahi paneer, donairs, poutine, and a bubble waffle ice cream thing. We watched some of the stage entertainment and walked through the vendors. (which doesn't take long - we didn't buy anything) We were there for about 1.5 hours in total, and unless it gets a little larger, I'm not sure I'll return. It was not busy at all when we were there, either. The food was great, and we didn't have a bad experience. It just is a struggle to call it a night market when you have the real deal in a neighboring city.... maybe it gets busy on non-long weekends? Maybe it's better for kids? I don't know...

Shahi paneer from Gateway Pizza

Bubble waffle with ice cream & oreos

Mushroom poutine
Saturday: We did our usual grocery shopping during the day as well as some errands. Saturday night we went to our friends Rob & Amandas as they were having some people over. They just moved into a new townhouse in Langley and there is a super cool feature: a rooftop patio!!! We had some drinks, some appys, and played Cards Against Humanity for a while up there.

Sunday: We met up with Amanda & Rob in Stanley Park, rented bikes, and biked the seawall! It was SO FUN! I really enjoy leisurely bike rides in the sun, and with a view like Stanley Park and Vancouver, you can't go wrong. We also saw the tail end of the Pride Parade - we were hoping to see Justin Trudeau but no dice.

Then, we went to my parents for dinner with my grandparents as well. Pants is gallivanting in Europe, so he was not there. (he comes home tomorrow - I'm excited to head about his travels!) My mom made yummy lasanga (a meat one and a veggie one, thanks mom!) and it was delicious. I love our Sunday dinners at my parents!! (yay for no cooking on Sunday nights) (sorry, I didn't take any pictures - next time!)

Monday: Edwin & I went for a picnic and some sun bathing at Centennial Beach in Tsawassen. (for something different!) We ate tuna sandwiches and soaked up some sun near the ocean for a few hours. It was lovely.

Now, we are just going our usual back-to-work things: I made lunches & ironed some of Edwin's shirts and he is doing his accounting duties, as we lovingly call them. (paying bills, etc...) Any tips on good ironing?! I am new to this...

Have a lovely (short) week everyone!!! Enjoy the sunshine :)

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