Sunday, August 28, 2016

a Vancouver day & a few other things

Today, Edwin & I went on a Vancouver adventure. This weekend was the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, and we have been a few times in the past for Guatemalan movies. This year, we saw "The Greatest House in the World" or, "La Casa más Grande Del Mundo." Nicely put, the movie was much more simple than we anticipated, and only one hour in length. It was about a girl who had to herd sheep by herself for the day as her mother was busy having a baby. She looses the sheep, and then finds them. The end! It was in Spanish with English subtitles, and some parts were in Quiche (said like key-chay - there is supposed to be an accent on the e but I don't know how to make it on my keyboard!), a native Guatemalan language, with English subtitles. However, I do like supporting the VLAFF and doing things where I can see Latin cultures. 

Since we were in Vancouver, we decided to go to the pop up zero-waste shop on West 4th. Ever since attending a movie on zero waste a few months ago, I've been trying to be more conscious of how much waste I contribute. This pop up shop is basically a place where they sell local and organic food, and you bring your own containers to bring it home in. (love this) They had sugar, flour, dried fruit, some vegetables, bread, and also things like natural deodorant etc. We just bought some of the bread they were selling, made with all local and organic ingredients and no yeast. ($6) I was more interested in seeing what kind of things they had, but had brought a few jars and containers just in case! The thing I always struggle with is the challenge between being health conscious, not spending a million dollars on groceries, eating local/organic, and not being wasteful. How is one supposed to do all of those things?! Ideas are welcome! 

Speaking of, where do you do all of your regular grocery shopping? We are doing a test this month and shopping at Superstore for the month. We normally go to Save on Foods, but have heard Superstore is less expensive for the same things... so, we shall see how this experiment goes! 

In other news, here are some fun things from around the web: 

This is our current Netflix series we are watching - it makes me want to go traveling!

Will & Kate are coming to Vancouver soon!! I want to see them. And the kiddos.

The city of Surrey is having more pop-up junk drops coming up - get rid of all your old stuff for FREE! 

I made falafel recently and it was so yummy! I like a good protein alternative once in a while.

The falafel is hard to see (hence why I didnt instagram this picture!) but I made donairs essentially, with tsatsiki, lettuce, cucumber and onions. Greek salad on the side. (Edwin got chicken - falafel isn't his thing)

Yesterday, I had brunch with my book club girlfriends, including one husband and a few children. We went to the Roadhouse Grille in South Surrey. Our friend Kristina's daughter Alicia is visiting from Toronto, so it was really fun to see her after so long. Kristina and her family moved away about 8 years ago, and I've only seen the a handful of times since then.

Well, we are off to my parents for dinner this evening, our usual Sunday evening activity! Have a great week ahead :)


  1. No question about it...Superstore in the cheapest! Take advantage of their PC Plus program (earning PC Pointsa) and their weekly freebie to maximize your savings :)

    1. We signed up for the points program!!!!! I think I can already see that Superstore is the cheapest... do you have a Costco membership as well? Or do you only do Superstore?