Sunday, September 25, 2016

a September post

September 19th marked the one year anniversary of the day Edwin & I got married. It really does not feel like one year; this year has flown by. People always ask "how is married life?" and depending on who it is, I will go into more or less detail. However, the answer is always that it is great. How bad can life be when you live with your best friend and love spending time together?! It truly has been the best year of my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way. (cheesy, I know, but 100% true!!)

To celebrate, we went to Oregon on the September long weekend. On the actual day of our anniversary, Edwin gave me a giant bouquet of roses & lilies, and we went for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. With his new job, and not working insane hours, we were able to go into Vancouver for dinner and still be home by 8:30 and relax on the couch for a bit. It's so great!!

Here are some other things we've been up to this month:

Lindsay's baby shower. She is due in 2 weeks - can't wait for baby snuggles!!

The cake I made. It turned out okay from the front, but gosh, I didn't realize icing could be so challenging...

It was my Grandpa's 92nd birthday recently. We had a dinner at the golf club, and it was insanely good. (same golf club from our wedding!) This buffet even had sushi and the most amazing smoked salmon. The sushi honestly tasted like I had ordered it from a sushi restaurant. I was so impressed! This was my first plate filled with some sushi and random salads :) The food at the golf club is always so good!

Grandpa giving a birthday speech, before the pianist entertainer came out to perform.

Grandpa & Jen. Oh and it was also my grandparents 69th wedding anniversary the day after his birthday. Some pretty big milestones for them!

Edwin & I hung out with Kalan one night as his dad was out of town and his mom, Eliza, needed to go to an appointment and do some errands before their trip to Greece. (I am so jealous!!) We played cars, built some Lego, and read some books.

I decided to rearrange my spice cupboard. Wild, I know. However, I had recently bought some Epicure spices from my cousin Julia, and didn't have room in my usual cupboard. I used to keep the spices to the right of the microwave, but have since switched them to the cupboard on the left, which is several inches wider. Then, Pants built me some little wooden shelves for them so they are in three elevated rows. I can see them all now!! This is SO much easier than having to shuffle around a million spices just to get to the ones in the back.

Today, we went to the 1st birthday party of my cousins daughter, Eleanor. This is the birthday girl with my mom.

Adorable pink cookies.

Lastly, at this time last year, Edwin and I were on an insanely fun honeymoon in Central America. We were in Panajachel, Guatemala on this day last year. (here is my blog post from this part of our trip if you want to see more pictures!)

At the Sunday market

(the stairs we were standing on in the picture above, leading into a church)
Sidenote, if anyone is interested in going to Guatemala in the next 6 months or so, there are some super great flight prices out there right now. (~$400 round trip including taxes!) Thanks to my cousin Adrien for sending me the email with the info! 

Have a great week!

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