Sunday, September 18, 2016


Edwin & I went to Oregon on the long weekend as a semi one-year anniversary trip and just for something fun to do! Our actual anniversary is tomorrow, September 19th, and we will be going out for dinner.

We left bright & early Saturday morning (6 am!!) and used our new Nexus cards to cross the border SO fast. It was their inaugural use, and we have quickly learned that they are very worth it! We had absolutely no wait on the way down, and literally NO questions were asked of us. He literally said  "have a good day." And we continued on. I know not every time will be like this, but hooray for less border waits! (and to be able to use the special line at the airport)

We drove to Cannon Beach that day, ordered lunch (fish & chips) and sat on the beautiful beach to eat. We walked down to the iconic Haystack Rock and then wandered around the city part and went into some stores.

(impossible to get a picture of us with the rock without other people....)

After Cannon Beach, we drove into Portland, where we were staying. We ended up going out for Mexican dinner that evening and wandering around downtown Portland.

On Sunday, we also wandered around downtown Portland and went to a brewery. I had no idea Portland had so many! We then went to a Guatemalan restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. This has been the only Guatemalan restaurant we've come found in the West Coast! It was super fun to go and have authentic food and also buy things from their market & bakery. We even bought some Guatemalan beer! (called Gallo in Guatemala, but Famoso in the states - some sort of licensing issue with the name apparently)

Beer testing

The best pretzel in the world

At Los Chapines in a suburb of Portland

Our food. Edwin had a beef dish of some sort that I cannot recall the name of, and then we shared plantains (that always come with sour cream & refried black beans) In the bowl with the blue cloth is tortillas!

My dish was called jocan. It does have chicken in it, but I just took the chicken out and gave it to Edwin. A lot of true Guatemalan dishes have meat in them, and I wanted to get something authentic. This was almost like a soup/stew that was spicy with beans and güisquil. It was really yummy!!

On Monday, the labour day holiday, we went to an outlet mall. We did buy a few things, but with the dollar not being so great, you really have to do the math to see if you are getting a good deal. After shopping and some lunch, we headed home and arrived around 9 pm.

It was really fun to have a mini getaway. I always love a good road trip!! 5.5 hours to Oregon is really not too bad. (it's nothing compared to Smithers - haha!)

We don't have any concrete plans for an upcoming vacation, but Edwin's 16 year old niece, Stephanie, will be coming to visit us for the month of December.  We are hoping to do at least one trip to a colder place in the mountains, where she can see tons of snow. I am really excited for her to have this experience!!

Happy Sunday evening - have a great weekend!

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