Sunday, February 19, 2017

Things Lately

Hola blog-world! Here are some things we have been up to lately in photos. What have YOU been up to? Do share!

(I apologize in advance that the majority are dog photos...)

We are crazy dog parents and got a dog-cam. The app sends up images when there is movement; this one is by FAR the best image I have seen on it. Chucho might be on to us...

His first bath.

I am not a morning person, but I have been semi-enjoying the sunrises while taking Chucho out before I go to work. My step count has majorly increased since getting him!

Heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza for Valentines Day. The best tradition. We actually ordered it as take out from the BP near our house and walked (with Chucho!) to pick it up. Then we ate it on the couch in our pj's. It was a great evening!

One of our better selfies

A family selfie in our new spot on the floor. Who needs a couch when you sit on the ground with the dog to watch tv?!

I attended a bridal shower for my coworker, Nazia. Her wedding is in March at the UBC Boathouse - which was a close contender for our wedding! Can't wait!

My sister & Nenad were in town for about 8 hours on Friday evening (overnight!) but we managed to get together for some appy's before they flew home. Edwin & I also had some family over on Saturday night and I made this spinach dip for both evenings. It's so easy and so delicious! Just sour cream, mayo, spinach, and soup mix. Easy peasy.

I haven't been drinking coffee lately (not often, anyways!) but I do love Roll up the Rim season at Timmy's. I won a donut on Friday!

Odie came for a visit to our house recently. The dogs get along well which is great! 

This was our blood donation crew on Friday evening. Unfortunately, my iron was too low to donate, so hopefully I will have better luck next time...

Edwin & I attended a cooking class at Well Seasoned in Langley. It was a pizza demonstration with chef Carl Sawatsky, whom I went to high school with! (I knew this when signing up for the class) He is super talented in his cooking skills, and his pizza dough was amazing. He showed us how to make 2 doughs, 4 pizza sauces, 3 types of pizza, and some focaccia bread with the leftover dough. I am excited to try making the dough with the recipe we got! In this picture, he is throwing the pizza dough up in the air! (look carefully - you can see the dough just barely!)

The margherita pizza. One of my faves, a classic.

Edwin & I with Carl. He is currently the chef at Beatniks Bistro in Fort Langley; we will have to go check it out!

Chucho getting way too much attention from my mom & aunty Coralee :)

We did the 4k loop at Tynehead today! Next weekend we may try the off leash dog park.... it makes me a bit nervous but I really do think Chucho will be fine. (I just worry about him running off or losing him!)

Lastly, a dog funny! I thought this was quite cute ;) 

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  1. Loved reading this and that last comic made me smile :)