Sunday, March 26, 2017

a birthday thing post

Today I turn 32. It is pretty handy when your birthday falls on a weekend - I got to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, and have not gotten out of my pajamas yet today. (it is 2:30 pm) We are going to my parents for dinner tonight and I got to pick what my mom is making. (thanks mom!) I have been showered with lots of happiness this weekend from everyone!

Before we go, I am laying on the couch doing some laptop-ing, as I like to call it. (aka internet browsing of random things) Alas, here are some fun/cool things for you to check out if you are having a lazy Sunday as well.

Amanda just started using SPUD for her groceries. I am curious to check it out!

This site has the coolest patterns for everything!! (this one is too cute for a kitchen)

My friend Lisa is having a Norwex party this week. I found a few things online I think I will purchase!

How to avoid the "Sunday night blues"

This is so awesome: Sesame Street has a new character

Do you know the Pioneer Woman? She has some super fun new sets of dishes!! (and pitchers, pie dishes, etc)

Lastly, I worked with a lady named Nichole who was recently killed in a car accident, as well as her daughter Brooklyn. The Langley Times wrote a nice article about them. I can't imagine the awful feeling her family is going through.

I'm going to go have a nice long shower, switch the laundry over, and then continue with my laziness before heading to my parents soon. Happy Sunday!

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