Wednesday, August 9, 2017

august thing post

It was Edwin's birthday last month & I took him here for his birthday dinner. A huge hit! (but I will not be choosing this place for my birthday dinners anytime soon for obvious reasons....)

Speaking of Edwin's birthday, we are celebrating it coming up! (finally!) We are going on the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway (he likes trains), getting massages, and going to Harrison for the night. (thanks mom, dad & Pants for dog-sitting!)

Speaking of why we are celebrating his birthday late, we had 2 homestay students with us for 2 weeks almost right after I got home from the Philippines. Thomas & Bosco were from Hong Kong and came to us from an English outreach program. It went well! This is turning into more of a chit-chat post....I digress.

I bought new pants recently! They are quite fashion forward and I love them so much. Plus, yay for comfort!

I recently heard about the Mars cover, Curiosity, who sings happy birthday to itself each year! How cute.

We found this show on Netflix recently. It makes me cry, but I do love it!

Edwin & I also have a new favorite pizza place. So good! (bonus: there is usually a Mobile Bandit for 2 for 1 pizzas)

Happy BC day!


  1. Just wondering, what did you eat at the steak house?
    Your train weekend sounds fun!

    1. Good question! In addition to all the meat that comes around at the steak house, there is a buffet of salads, rice, bread etc. That comes included in the flat fee for meat & the buffet. I just ate the buffet items for a slightly lesser fee.