Sunday, October 29, 2017

a thing post - fall edition

These are the recent lulu pants I reeeeally want!

Chucho donated blood this past weekend - if you want more info you can find lots here.

People blood donors are needed these days as well! Edwin, my dad, Eliza & Justin all donated recently. I attempted but my iron was too low. Bummer. Next time! 

Do you have an iPhone? You need to get a bitmoji. Best thing ever.

...and this app. Also best thing ever. (okay, if you only have to pick one, I pick this one!!) 

One of my good friends got engaged recently and I am a bridesmaid!! You KNOW I love a good wedding ;) The wedding is next September at Bridges in Granville Island. Should be beautiful!

My mom & I hope to bring Chucho & Odie to this event. Super excited!

Speaking of holiday events, the Make It Vancouver event is around the corner. A must-attend for local makes!

I tried a new restaurant recently - Fortitude in Fort Langley. Try the mushroom bruschetta!

Edwin & I were invited to a wedding in Palm Springs at this gorgeous venue. We need to RSVP soon so looking at flights etc.!

Lastly, how to tell if you have a coffee addiction. I am getting better! :)

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