Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just me and my paddle...

Classic mom shot: waving at everyone & taking a "break" from paddling

Pants in his solo kayak

Check out the rhythm Ben & I have goin' on! We worked really hard to achieve that - serious!

Pants should seriously be a guide for these tours - he was waaay ahead of everyone the entire time & not even tired!

Look at how deep the mud is!!! It was like this for practically half the time - it's really hard to keep your shoes on the whole time..

My mom wanted us to tell people this was a 200 ft drop to make this trip seem as dramatic as she felt it was; in reality it was about 10 ft. Still sketch, you had to hang on to this measly rope on the right...

Family shot!

My parents lost their kayak among the sea of kayaks

So today, we went on a kayaking adventure. We didn't realize there was also a mile-long hike associated with this kayak trip! My mom just had a heart attack when she heard there was a hiking part. But she was a trooper and survived! We kayaked for 2.5 miles, hiked for 1 to a waterfall (that wasn't even all that great in my opinion - see family photo), hiked back 1 mile again & then kayaked 2.5 miles back. Ben & I had a tandem kayak, my parents had a tandem & Pants had a solo kayak. The kayaking wasn't bad at all, quite enjoyable actually. Total trip time: 4ish hours. If you've ever watched Survivorman, Pants always quotes things he has said & tips he's given on his show about the wilderness. (Secretly, I think he is Pants' role model!) Todays was: "It's so nice out here on the water - just me and my paddle." Ben & I cracked up!!!

The hike was quite something. It was super duper muddy as there has been a lot of rain the past two days; so if you look in my pictures...those are some of the hiking conditions we faced! Not fun. We got to the waterfall, swam a bit, then hiked back to our kayaks. My parents had some difficultly locating theirs again...but they eventually did.

I should also add in that my dad thought it'd be cool to wear the underwater camera on his head with the head strap the whole hike & kayak ride back. It was on a setting to take one picture every 10 seconds - so we have a LOT of photos of this adventure if anyones interested! These are just a very, very select few... he looked really cool too...

Then we came home, lounged by the pool for a couple hours & made fajitas for dinner. Lovely evening after an outdoorsy morning!

More tomorrow :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"It's so green; it's like I'm inside a lime"

Good evening!!

I forgot to tell you all that we went back to the cute little Italian restaurant by our hotel called Bobby V's for dinner last night! Overall, we thought the food was really yummy however the service was meh & the actual location is about the size of my bedroom so it makes it difficult for serving etc. We had to eat with plastic cutlery because apparently they had been too busy to wash their silverware & had run out...that was interesting! I had butternut squash ravioli & it had a really yummy, fresh tasting marinara sauce on it. Pants had chicken pesto pasta and seriously, I think it was the best pesto I have EVER eaten!!! I would go back just to order that. (minus the chicken though)

Today was rainy all day again so we went on a trek to the Kauai coffee company, a waterfall, a beach to look for turtles & a restaurant called Kalapaki Joe's. We had suuuuper yummy nachos as an appy - they had freshly cut jalepenos on them which my dad & I loved, as well as a bit of tomato sauce on the top layer underneath all the baked cheese. (Heid, I even could scrape some off the plate & it was crispy & delish!!) We really, REALLY enjoyed all of our food & it was reasonably priced so we would go back. The service was really not great at all, but the food compensated for that slightly.

Below are some photos of the day. Tomorrow we have to be up bright & early and are going kayaking! I'll letcha know how that goes...

PS - my blog title is from a movie...has anyone seen Death at a Funeral?? It's a hilarrrrious movie!!! My brother & I use this line allllll the time.

Can you spot the little gecko in the middle of the sign? This was at the waterfall.

This is the waterfall we saw... compared to Niagara Falls which I saw this summer, this was nothin'!


A cool fern - for mine & my dads plant obsession.

A big-ass cactus! Don't mess with him.

Ben sippin a cuppa joe at the coffee factory. My favorite was the Coconut Caramel Crunch.

My beloved favorite chuples resting at the beach watching Pants & my dad play in the waves.

The sunset we saw whilst trying to turtle watch.



This post is to wish my dear sisters boyfriend, Mitch, a happy, HAPPY 20th birthday!!!!!! Welcome to the I'm-not-a-teenager-anymore club. Thanks for being around to put up with Jen when shes stressed ;) If we were home, this is the type of cupcake I had planned on making you...sorry, maybe next year!

Flip Flop Heaven

I have decided that Hawaii is probably the Flip Flop Capital of the world. I love it!!!!! I haven't bought any yet...but I'm sure I will by the end of this trip.

PS - yes, I have a drink in my hand whilst shopping. Pants & I drank margaritas while shopping yesterday - this is the life!


For whatever reason, my dad & I have this thing for taking pictures of trees. We think they are super cool; maybe it's because they make good models?! The rest of my family thinks we're weird, but I think they are beautiful! Especially because there are so many types that we don't have at home. We don't have any crazy ones so far, but I'll post 'em if we find some!

Flowers & other plants are pretty cool too! They have some gorgeous colorful flowers here that we enjoy photographing too ;) 

It's raining here again we aren't sure what our plan is yet. I really want to just lay in the sun but I don't think that's gonna happen :( 

A lonesome tree.

We call these one x-ray trees.

The infamous palm tree.

Crazy roots!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Did you know...?

Did you know the Hawaiian language only has 13 letters in it? Neither did I! The ' is considered one of their letters as well so that is included in the 13.

One in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

We were supposed to go on this cool tubing adventure today (where you tube through a canal that used to be used for a pineapple plantation & stop at a swimming hole)  but it got rescheduled until Friday due to flash floods! We were kinda bummed. Oh well - we still get to go, just not today. We walked to a dive shop just now to book a dive trip & the 4 of us are going on Sunday!! (guess which one of the 5 isn't going....) Wooooo!! I am super excited. I think I will be better by then so it's all good. I feel a lot better, just a little cough & stuffy nose still. Then we had Subway for lunch & now we don't know what to do since it's raining out! We might go visit a coffee plantation. Anywho, that's just my update since we are chillin' inside. Shannon over & out.

The tubing adventure we are going to on Friday...

3 Things.

1. Pants & I just tried to find a bar around here to sit and have a drink. Boy, did we find a special bar!! It was about 10 minutes away, and there were about 5 people in it. It was karaoke night as well, and this one lady REALLY enjoyed her karaoke! She butchered about 6 songs in the span of time we were there. It was pretty entertaining. Needless to say, we only stayed for one drink and came back home.

2. I am in love with the Dos Equis commercials!! I hadn't seen the one that goes "His mom has a tattoo that says son" and it cracks me up every time! Oh and "When he goes to museums, he is allowed to touch the artifacts". I really, really think they are very well thought up & hilarious!!!! 

3. My hair is soooo curly around here. I know it's curly naturally, but add a bit of humidity and I look like Monica when she went to Barbados!! Some may say it's "cute" or "has a lot of volume", but let me tell you, it's gettin' a little wild.

Heading to bed now...nighty night!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"This Town Ain't Big Enough For The 5 of Us"

Today we went to a little Italian place by where we are staying called Bobby V's that someone else told us was really good. We went for the breakfast, which was a buffet of eggs, potatoes, crossaints, bagels, fruit, coffee & OJ. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was sufficient. What I really enjoyed about it was the atmosphere. It is this tiny little restaurant with literally 5 tables in it, and the owner was super nice - he chatted to us the whole time we ate our food & gave us some tips on what to see etc. He says we HAVE to go back there for dinner and have the pizza so we are going to go there sometime this week. They can't serve alcohol because they don't have a license so they let you bring your own - super cool. We all really enjoyed his attitude & the cute little homestyle restaurant and are excited about having a big plate o' yummy pasta soon! Their motto is: " the best way to someones heart is through their stomachs" - love it!

After that, we tried to catch some Boxing Day sales at Macys, Wal-Mart & Costco. Me & lil' sis bought a few things; nothing too crazy though. Then we went snorkeling where we saw an eel & a barracuda! After that, we made a loooong drive up to see the Waimea Canyon which is supposed to be beautiful. However, once we arrived at our destination, it was so foggy we couldn't even see anything!!

Prior to finding out that the fog had over taken the canyon...

We did stop part way down the mountain and found this cool river/mountain view...we had to stop and take pictures for the lack of canyon pictures we got!

 After the loooong drive back down the mountain, we got shaved ice. We had seen the signs for it everywhere,  but had no idea what it was. So, we tried it at Jo-Jo's and loved it. Its basically just a snow cone: ice with flavor. But apparently it's the in thing to have down here!

The sign telling us some favorite combos...yes, the place was super sketch but yummy all the same. I think it's "the island way man"
Then we were driving home when we saw something that looked familiar that naturally my dad made us stop and take a photo of...

This is just a little building of some sorts on a field; we went to see the pool and it's huge!! It's a 50 m by 25 m pool - approximately 4 times our pool at home. We were jealous.
Now we are back at home, had dinner & going for our nightly swim in the pool. Pants is making the drink that accompanies the pool as we speak! ;) Tomorrow we are going on our tubing adventure...I'll keep ya posted on how that goes.

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday week...any exciting New Years plans that I am missing out on???


Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't think anyone was going to read it on Christmas day...but this post is dedicated to JC who misses us lots! (well, I HOPE it's all of us and not just Pants) This is what our Christmas day consisted of...

Nachos for lunch & lounging at the pool all day...I might have burnt just a little! (nothing a little aloe can't cure though)

Dinner on the patio consisting of: shrimp scami, chicken & beef skewers, rice, grilled peppers & zucchini and steamed carrots.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Does anyone see a seal or two? Or a shark?!

Where's Nemo?

First of all, my computer is acting funny. I don't know if it's on data overload because we are putting lots of pictures & videos on it, but it keeps doing weird things. For example, I just typed out the huge, long, detailed post with pictures and all and Firefox had to shut down. Weird. Anywho...

We went snorkeling again today, surprise surprise! It's a big family hit - we all really like it. So we drove North up the coast and stopped at a cool lighthouse along the way. Then we came home to watch Elf (a Spier family Christmas tradition) but we all got tired so we are going to finish it tomorrow. It's super weird being in the tropics for tree, no gifts, no dinners with the grandparents...this is totally great, just very different after 25 years of a certain type of Christmas!!

The reef that we were snorkeling at had a lot more fishies than yesterday. There was also an intense drop off. There were lots of rocks and coral, then all of a sudden you were swimming and the water was just super deep and there appeared to be nothing underneath you! It was like that scene from Finding Nemo when Nemo is repeatedly told not to leave the reef...but he does. It was a little bit creepy but kinda cool.

On the cold front, I still feel very crummy. Which sucks because I want to go diving!!!! :(

Here are some photos of the day...I took lots today! Enjoy my artistic shots ;)

Lil sis is bringin' sexy back with her new hat

A cool sign we saw at a craft market

The lighthouse & scenery

"Hiking" to our snorkel location

Me & lil sis doin' the "hang loose" as we pose for our underwater photographer

Speaking of, here is our underwater photographer!

A classic beach photo, I couldn't resist!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone & their families enjoys some quality time together.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Uh Oh.

Well, my bed buddy & I snuggled a little too much I think and I got her cold. That has now turned into a rip roaring cough, complete with chest pains, runny nose & an extremely sore throat. Hers isn't as bad as mine, but together we are quite the pair. I am angry because we want to go scuba diving but I can't if my ears are all plugged! So hopefully I get better ASAP and we can go towards the end of our trip.

My daddy & bro just walked to Safeway to get us some meds...

I like it when the almonds & smarties mix.

So, my brother is practically dragging me out of the house to walk to McDonalds right now, but I am such a committed blogger that I told him I HAD to post before we left. He's tapping his foot waiting for me - not even lying! Anywho, today we went snorkeling at a beach on the South end of the island. It was super fun - there were some GIANT waves at one end of the beach that we almost died jumping into. Seriously, they were probably 10 - 12 feet! A few photos of today...

Pants taking pix while snorkeling.

The hugeeeee turtle we saw!!

A cool tree.

The ginormous waves we body surfed. (my mom claims she almost drowned...)

See me, my dad & Pants in the middle floating?!

My new sunnies!!