Saturday, December 31, 2011

ma famille

I kinda miss my fam & puppy when I'm not at home!


Since I am helping Melissa plan her wedding, we went for an outing to go see her venue last week - Hycroft Manor. It is GORGEOUS!! I have been googling previous weddings that have been there to get ideas. Here are some random pictures of the house (built in 1905, I might add!) that I took. It has so much personality!

One of the first showers ever built! Creepy hey?

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

I am in love with this song - I honestly don't have any sentimental attachment to it but it just has such a romantic sound to it. I would like this song as my first dance song at my wedding. I couldn't find the actual music video but this is the song! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I was looking forward to spending a relaxing evening at home and doing some solid computering consisting of blogging, facebooking, pinning, tweeting and emailing but my beloved computer is being slow. And it's not letting me upload pictures onto my blog!! So lame. What good is a blog without photos?! I need to keep my readers happy somehow... I've restarted my computer already but that takes so long and then I have to re-log in again etc. I'll keep trying...but perhaps by tomorrow I will have some solid blogging done.

If anyone needs me I will be chillin' with Muffin tonight at my house sitting house...watching Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. (he told me it's his fave) Click HERE to see my buddy Muffster!

A Very Merry Book Club Christmas

It was our annual book club Christmas dinner last week and we sure do know how to eat & drink! We laugh a lot and it's always too much fun. We do a Secret Santa gift exchange as well - my Santa got me a cool "portable desk" for my laptop that is so practical. It drives me crazy when my laptop gets so warm and then my legs start sweating from it so this won't happen anymore. Thanks 'Liza! Whoops, I mean, Santa!

Our giant spread of food...I think there was even more in the oven at this point!

My prettily wrapped gift!

Janessa wearing my bow as a headband

The girls! Top L-R: Me, Keri, Eliza; Bottom L-R: Lisa, Min & Amanda

An outtake from the group shot...not sure whose it was to do a human pyramid?!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Christmas...

... we were HERE at this time last year, workin' on our tans...good times!

Merrrrrrry Christmas!

Christmas is always a fun day to hang out with the fam and eat lots - two of my very favorite activities to do! I will illustrate our day in photos. Warning: there are lots! I hope everyone had a lovely day and is hopefully enjoying a few days off work to relax. I really don't look all that lovely in my colorful PJ's but whatevs, that's life!! Comfy attire is what I live for.

PS - this is just a very small snippet of photos we have...please let me know if you would like the FULL slide show and you can come on over!

Pant's playing his harmonica Lil Sis & I got him - his idol is Survivorman who has one...

Pants teaching my mom how to work her funky new cell phone - she can access "the Google" now!

Lil' Sis & I got perfume - she got Juicy & I got Coach.

Doing the smell test.

Emma got a new toy which she proceeded to destroy in about 10 minutes.

How I spent most of the afternoon...loungin' away!

Pants trying on his new shift for me but then chasing after me whilst I try to get a photo!

My dad decided he wanted to brine the turkey this year - this is him watching a Youtube video on it. He made the turkey entirely by himself!! Impressive.

Part of our traditional Christmas breakfast - cinnamon buns.

Lil Sis & I

My artistic iPhone photography

At Aunty Daphnes for dinner -  mom & lil sis

Riley & Harley

The Spier children

Oma and lil sis

Pants & Riley

Aunty Coralee & I

The family shot, minus a few; overall not bad, a little sickness incident didn't stop the photo! Even Harley made it in!

Now, I'm laying in bed with my new cranberry scented candle (it smells fantastic) and watching my new TV :) Sweet dreams!!


I used to love Much Music's pop up videos - regular music videos with information facts that "pop up" in its duration with completely random things not only pertaining to the band or song. They were so fun!! As I was watching TV today (Dirty Dancing Havana Nights), I noticed that pop up video is BACK!! I was really excited. Below is a fave song of mine from the good ol' 90's: Ace of Base's "Beautiful Life"; in pop up video style. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Lil' Sis, Pants & I had pretty much the funnest night EVER on Sunday! I bought them tickets to the Jay Z & Kanye West concert waaaaay long ago for their birthdays this year and it felt like we were waiting forever to actually go to it. With a lot of anticipation, I had high hopes for the concert and wow, my hopes were all surpassed! It was so entertaining. They played all their new music together from the Watch the Throne album as well as all their classic hits from the past few years. I really felt quite gangster at this concert, but it was awesome! We also knew a bunch of people from work that were going so we all met up before and after which made the whole event that much more fun. The sky train also always makes for an interesting mode of transportation, that's for sure! I really want to post some of my favorite songs of theirs on here, but a lot of it has some bad words in it so I will leave it off since it's not 100% appropriate. A few pictures from our wild & fun night... that ended up at Mirage I might add!! (my pictures aren't amazing - just my trusty iPhone pictures!)

Some of the boys

Kanye singing on a stage that rose up and had images of sharks swimming underneath - crazy!

Jay Z

Diamonds in the sky forEVER!

australian breaky

My girlies and I had a slumber party last night, complete with a grand ol' breakfast this morning. It was so delicious! Thanks to Heidi, Lindsay & Christina for a fun evening of far too much food and not enough sleep (Shannon standards) - love you gals.

This was a breakfast Heidi ate lots when she was in Australia not too long ago: rye bread with eggs, tomato, avocado and hollandaise sauce. Oh, and bacon for the non-veggies! We had hashbrowns to top it off, please espresso coffees. SO YUMMY! Thanks Chef Heidi & Lindsay - I barely did anything!! We did take a group shop with the 4 of us in it but it wasn't on my camera or anyone elses phone so it wasn't easily accessible - I will post a photo once I get them sent to me. Don't worry, I like to take pictures with actual people in them too sometimes!

Friday, December 16, 2011

christmas party

Our annual Christmas party was last night - always proves for a good time with fabulous emcee's (Pants & I), yummy mashed potatoes, Bhangra music to dance to and much more. I was thinking I might not have as much fun as I have in past years since I've been going to a lot of them (1o years worth to be precise) however there were lots of fun people last night which made it all worth it.  I love the people I work with!

Lil' sis and I

My sweet dance moves. I love to rock a good dance floor!

My siblings are ninja's apparently now?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


An article from The Globe and Mail this morning entitled "Financial Resolutions That You Can Keep" caught my eye - being amazingly money saavy is not a strength of mine, so I like to read all these types of articles. I really liked this particular one because it basically said that your 20's are a time to figure out what your needs are and what your plan is to save money, not necessarily save oodles & oodles of it. Granted, I work a full time job and should probably be saving more than I actually, however...

An excerpt I enjoyed was: "The reality is that most people in their 20s won’t save much, and will likely end up scraping together just enough money to kick start their goals in their 30s, like saving enough money for a down payment on a house or condo, according to Jason Abbott, a certified financial planner and president of Wealth Designs in Toronto. Mr. Abbott also thinks that this decade should be about financial education."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

good fortune.

From inside my fortune cookie today. These obviously come true ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011


Wowzers!! This is officially my 400th blog post. I have nothing else to say other than that. I just wanted to have a post solely dedicated to my fun little blog. I will leave you with this:

Food Adventures

I haven't blogged about my Monday night dinners in a while, plus some other random meals I've made lately! Here are some fun things I've tried lately:

I made this for lil sis & I at the lake house. It was an Asian noodle fusion dish....basically I fried up some noodles, veggies & schezuan sauce and voila! It was pretty darn tasty actually.

This was meat-free spaghetti. I bought veggie ground round and made a "traditional"hearty saucce with some veggies and noodles. Garlic bread to top it off! (Lil sis liked it too - it really tastes quite similar to meat!!)

Breakfast quesadilla - this was for my daddio so it had scrambled eggs, cheese, beans & ham in it. It was really yummy he said but a little on the flimsy/sloppy side. Dipped in our favorite spicy ketchup.

I had really good intentions to make dinner today, since I haven't made it in a few Mondays, however my two hour plan for my day got turned into a 12 hour unplanned day when my car overheated in White Rock. I don't even know if I want to start typing about it because I can feel myself starting to overheat with anger!! My car really frustrates me. Most of the time I love it, I do; it's fun, sporty and fast. There are many downfalls though - it's over 10 years old and showing its age. It has a lot of kilometers on it, goes through tires like there's no tomorrow and randomly causes me a lot of anxiety by doing stuff like it did today. Long story short, I ended up just having a hose with a leak in it that got replaced. It was the hose that brought coolant to the engine though, hence the over heating. I was sure glad to have good company during this time otherwise I would have been freaking out AND bored!! Heidi, Lindsay & mon ami Christina: I apologize if I was a tad grumpy today. Thanks for putting up with me and my lame car!

Chuckanut Drive

My good friend Nicole & I went for a nice little drive down to Burlington for some Christmas shopping on Sunday afternoon. Oh, and I can't forget Lexi the puppy too! It was gorgeously sunny so we decided to take the scenic route - I have been to the states a bajillion times and have never taken Chuckanut drive. It was perfect timing as the sun was going down. The drive kind of reminded me of the Sea to Sky highway that goes to Whistler - totally recommend it as a must-do drive. Nicole also was super sweet and had bought me a random gift! It's a fancy schmancy snorkel & mask key chain - totally up my alley & makes my keys look so fun now. Thanks so much friend for thinking of me :) xoxo

The bubbles from the snorkel are diamonds - bling bling!