Sunday, January 30, 2011


Our little eliza is officially married! To a boy - A REAL boy! It was a fabulous wedding all around and the bride was beautiful.

I am missing my blog a lil bit these days...but I am really enjoying my time with kristina while she is here. I can't believe she is leaving tomorrow already :( I promise my posts will be back to normal routine this week with LOTS of picture!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Own Bed

Don't you just love the feeling of your own bed after being away from it for a couple days? Ahh...the little things.

Born From A Boombox

Oh blogging, how I love thee. Is there a profession where I could be a professional blogger?! I think I'd really enjoy that. Hmm...please let me know if you find me one!

This weekend, in a nutshell, was fabulous! Kristina got here from Toronto on Saturday morning, we went out for Elizas stagette on Saturday night, we celebrated book club Christmas/New Years/Keri's birthday on Sunday and since then we have all been hangin' out at Lisas house enjoying each others company. Oh, and shopping a little... aaaand maybe drinking wine a bit too. These girls have such big hearts and enormous, lovable personalities - I am lucky to have such fun friends in my life. 

the beautiful bride!

Kristina & I showing off our bling before we went dancing

Our "Christmas" dinner! Butter chicken, bagel bits, bread - you name it, we had it.

Lisa & Amanda opening presents

Janessa & I posing by the tree

happy birthday Keri!!!











I saw the movie Step Up 3 this weekend and will just throw it out there that if anyone could me a career as a hip hop dancer, I'd also really like that. It's actually quite an inspiring movie about being passionate about what you do, be it dance or anything else. They love dance so much that they call themselves "born from a boombox" - I loved that line. So, I would like to provoke a thought for y'all: what are YOU passionate about? Today, my passions are blogging & dancing!

"Is not life a hundred times too short for us to bore ourselves?"
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Monday, January 24, 2011


I love my girlfriends to death. We had such a fun weekend overall and they are all just so great. I am very, very tired and about to fall asleep soon (in Janessas twin bed I might add) so I will post more details another time. But Kristina, Lisa, Amanda, Keri, Eliza and Min you girls are so fabulous and I'm proud to be your friend. Don't ever change. Love you!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray, HIP HIP HOORAY! That is 3 cheers for it being the weekend!!! So many good things to be excited for right now:

1. I just finished my paper for my info tech class AND a part of my group project
2. I am going to pick up Kristina from the airport tomorrow morning
3. We are going out for Elizas stagette tomorrow night
4. I am off work tomorrow (so it's a 3 day weekend) 
5. Eliza and Justin are getting married in one week today! (that's them below...aren't they freakin' cute?! Love you guys!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Some random photos I took on my phone over the past couple days to keep me entertained...

The snow out of Pant's window...

Jenna & Janessa being "Matthew" & "Shannon" at work before their swimming lesson

Pants in his manly googles swimming with the girls

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Business Applications?

Does anyone know any good business applications? I am trying to do a paper and need to come up with two that I could implement in "my company" but I have no idea where to start. I need to get my company back up to it's regular competitive edge...hmm...where to start...

Anywho, that's been my evening of pretending to write a paper. I am trying to be a good little student and get all my homework done this week because it's due next Tuesday. If I get it done by Saturday, then when Kristina gets here and Eliza's stagette is happening I won't have to be thinking/dreading about doing homework! Good intentions, right?!

I did some googling of computer funnies as to keep my blog oh-so-funny and thought this was quite humorous. It never ceases to amaze me of our reliance upon computers nowadays...who DOESN'T have a melt down when their computer doesn't work?! 

The Big Apple

I am watching one of my favorite shows currently: Selling New York. It has gorgeous, expensive, lush Manhattan apartments that us average Joes would kill for! I don't know how these people afford them, but thats besides the point! A girl can dream can't she?! 

Reminds me of the time that me, Heidi & Binz visited NYC a couple years ago...well, not that we stayed anywhere as posh as these homes but we were there and we had an absolute blast! I would love to go back to New York. 

On Carrie Bradshaws front steps

Times Square

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

happy birthday, martin luther king

My sister and I decided to go for a lil' shop down in the states today. We got to the border line and it was 50 minutes. We thought that was odd, but didn't really think much of it. Then, we started to notice all the Washington license plates in the line with us. So I did a google search and discovered it was in fact a holiday in the states! We found stellar deals thought, bargoons actually, so we thanked martin luther for having a fabulous sale at the mall.

I am laying in bed awake right now and cannot fall asleep for the life of me. And I have to be at work for 7 am tomorrow. You know those nights where you lay in bed, look at the clock and every increment of time that passes you think: if I fall asleep now, I'll get 5 hours of sleep. Then half an hour later: if I fall asleep NOW ill get 4.5 hours of sleep. That is the kind of night I'm having.

Maybe I'll count sheep...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Me & My Calculator are Not Friends

So, since my last post, approximately two hours ago, I have now made it to question six of my economics homework. Yes, that's correct folks: I have completed SIX questions in that length of time. Now, I know what you are thinking...but trust me, math & me do not bode well together. We struggle to maintain our friendship on a daily basis. Right now is a really testing time in our relationship where I am trying to complete this chart. Marginal benefit, change in net cost....ahhhh! It scares me. Mitch - I need math help!!!

The Swing of Things

This is what I am doing right now. Rather, this is what I should be doing right now. I am a really good procrastinator. I have successfully done two loads of laundry, cleaned my bathroom (reorganized it too), cleaned my room & finished unpacking finally and last but not least I unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher. Its amazing how productive I become when faced with the challenge of economics homework. Economics + Me = Potential Tear Fest Several Times This Semester. I love lighting a candle in my room, getting into comfy pajamas, making tea and pretending I am going to do homework. It sets a good atmosphere which is a I go...


Amanda, Shannon, Kristina (in Toronto, Aug 2010)

Kristina will be here in less than one week! She is coming out for Elizas wedding & we are all super excited to see her :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"To My Wife" Blog

Heidi found this blog as well & I think it is one of the funniest things I have ever read! I check it all the time & am so entertained by his creative blog idea. Check it out! Good job finding it Heid - what would I do without you to keep me entertained?! Ps - I want to wear my bracelet to bed. I love it.

I Heart Books

So for those of you who don't know, I am a big bookworm. Like, I would read from morning until night if life allowed me. (anyone know a job where I can just read??) It's almost geeky how much I like reading & how much I worship books. I love the stories, drama and excitement a book brings - it's like you are in an entirely different world for that moment. A fantastic author can even make you feel like you are part of the story, however rockstar or rubbish it may be.

Heidi sent me a link today (thanks Heid!!!!) for a website that I could spend hours on: Bookshelf Porn. It's for those people like me who think that books are beautiful and that the more books on a shelf the better! I found this image quote on the site that I thought was adorable:
I mean, I don't really need a boy to build me bookshelves since I already have Timmy! Timmy is Heidi's husband who built me a bookshelf for my birthday a couple years back. Until I find my own boy to build me book shelves, I'm gonna have to continue to borrow him.This is my gorgeous book shelf when I first got it: (it has since acquired a lot more books!!) 

This was one of my favorite book shelves from the site. Can you even IMAGINE being so lucky as to have a book shelf this giant?! I'd be in heaven.

The site is:

When I was in Hawaii I read four books. I was quite proud of myself because I felt like I was in the like numbers of completed books that my parents usually read on vacations! (I think I get my worm-ish habits from them) I read: A Widow for One Year (by John Irving; his writing is always very interesting/weird yet thought provoking), Stolen Innocence (by Elissa Wall; her autobiography of growing up in & escaping a polygamous community), Into Thin Air (by Jon Krakauer; his story of climbing Mt. Everest) and Best Friends Forever (by Jennifer Weiner; a light, warm story of two once high school friends). I really enjoyed all four - I don't think I could pick which I enjoyed the most because they were all so unique. I have since reconsidered my decision, but at the time of reading Into Thin Air, I announced to my family that I would like to climb Mt. Everest. At the time their laughter did not deter me; I was determined that I could do it if I wanted to. But now that I'm done the book, the climb doesn't seem as cool. Because obviously I could do it if I wanted to... a little cold temperature & low oxygen levels is totally up my alley...

I need to give a shout out to my book club here. I have the most amazing book club in the entire world! They are a group of fabulous girls and collectively, we could conquer the world. They are all independent, strong, caring, and super fun women. We like to enjoy wine & mojitos together on our many adventures. Our motto is: Eat, drink & be merry. Oh, and we like reading every now & then too! But seriously, much to everyone's disbelief, we DO read. To date we have read & discussed 17 books, Love ya BCF!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Alive & Awesome

Just wanted to let you all know that I made it out alive from the great textbook-money exchange this morning at the sky train station. She left with a fabulous economics textbook & I left with $80. I didn't get kidnapped!

Also, I got this link sent to me at work just now & it's a super cute website: 1000 Awesome Things. It really makes you appreciate life in the moment...enjoy!

Hip Hip Hooray

Guess what! My internet works again on my laptop!! I didn't do anything to it; simply powered her up and voila - I had internet again. This was last night, and now again there is still internet so hopefully it doesn't decide to leave me anymore. Justin you must have worked your magic on it somehow!

I am going to meet up with a girl at the sky train station shortly to sell a textbook...if I go missing, her name was Helen. (haha, kidding) I've been buying & selling textbooks on craigslist this week. I got a $200 economics textbook yesterday for $40!!! (my sister did my dirty work for me & made the exchange at SFU) It takes a bit of time, but it's completely worth saving/making money in the end!

I am teaching an aquafit instructor course this weekend at a different YMCA...I'm not totally looking forward to it but I am looking forward to it being over tomorrow at 6:30! I also signed up to teach past of an AWSI class on Sunday 12 - 5 pm to help someone out. Again, not really looking forward to all this extra stuff but oh well. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger! ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I bought a new bracelet from Stella & Dot this week and I am really, really excited about it!! I think it comes in next week:

Elizas Wedding Shower - Photos

Eliza getting mendhi done

Silly Eliza...that's not how you cut a cake!

Keri organized a really fun wedding Jeopardy game! Eliza conveniently won.

Lindsays Birthday - Photos

Blowing out her 26 birthday candles with her "Birthday Girl" pin

Mrs. Atkinsons homemade ice cream cake = to die for!! 

Lindsay & Brandon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


First, I feel pretty fancy right now because I just figured out how to connect my wi-fi from my phone onto my laptop all by myself! The connector cord was all I needed & now I have internet on my laptop as long as my phone is connected. This is my temporary solution! Look at me being all tech-y.

Second, my current favorite song is by Drake and it's called Fancy. I get such a kick out of these rappers clever lyrics. This ones about a girl who has smarts, money and basically sounds pretty darn put together; "nails done hair done". Here are a few quotes from this song that I love:

"Time heals all, and heels hurt to walk in / But they go with the clutch that you carry your lip gloss in"

"They tell me time is money, well we’ll spend it together / I’m down for whatever / You just lead the way /
We go to dinner you don’t even look at me to pay"

"Yeah, shout out to the homeowners / The girls that got diplomas / And enough money to loan us a little something extra / Should we ever need it"

"I just knew that she was fine like a ticket on the dash" (this is my personal absolute fave) (not the official music video, but it's still the song!)

blogs make the world go 'round.

So this morning my phone rings, I answer, and on the other line I hear a voice say: "does someone need a computer doctor?!" It was none other than Justin calling to help me fix my internet on my computer! I dropped it off to him today on my way to work and he figured out the issue. Hopefully I will be back up and blogging from my laptop (whom I miss functioning normally dearly) soon!! Eliza, you are a lucky lady to have a computer doctor as your fiancee! Thanks Justin!

Monday, January 10, 2011

happy birthday binzy!

Its my friend lindsays birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!! We went to the Olive Garden to celebrate on Friday night with myself, Heidi, Lindsay, her boyfriend, her sister and her boyfriend and Lindsays mom! It was a really fun time to see everyone and celebrate Lindsay being 26! I love the food there so much - salad and bread sticks especially! I tried uploading a picture of her and her birthday cake from Friday night but alas I'm on my phone because of the slight internet malfunction. Whenever the darn thing starts working I'll be able to post some more photos! Anyways, I hope you had a great day Binz!!! Xoxo

in need of a computer doctor

I went to post on some pictures from the weekend on my blog and discovered that my internet isn't working on my laptop! It says a local cable isn't plugged into something or other...but I didn't change anything and I've never needed to plug anything in?! So, this may be my last post for a few days while my computer sees the doctor.

PS - I'm writing this post on my phone in case you were wondering.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scuba Spiers

Posing for a photo before our excursion - Jens last photo if she were to not make it out of the excursion alive.

The "before" shot - En route to dive location in our super cool wetsuits

My fins are the red bottomed ones - Christian Louboutin style ;)

The three kiddos following our dive instructor

The "after" photo - check out the ocean hair! Ah!

My sister, who has never been diving before did super duper well today!!! She had some apprehensions but swam like one of the fish once she was down there - a natural born scuba star. We had lots of fun, saw tons of turtles and even heard dolphins!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shave Ice & Coconuts Mon

I am really, really, REALLY not looking forward to coming back to the reality of school & work. I just realized today that we only have 2 more days of vacationing left and then a travel day...can I just move here permanently? Any takers that want to come with me? Everything is just so laid back here. I feel like theres no pressure and no stress around here. I could be totally wrong, but I can definately tell that the lifestyle is different. I like that theres no major chain restaurants dominating the island. I like that the mall consists of a Macys & Sears. It's very refreshing!

Today we had a chill day. Pants & I laid by the pool for a bit this morning to catch some rays, then me, lil sis and my parents went to shop in Kapa'a (the town not far from here). There were some nice jewelry stores, some touristy stores and a cool farmers market that we hit up. We had shave ice whilst we shopped (the Hawaaiin snow cone) and at the farmers market we bought an ice cold coconut! They open it up for you and you can drink the coconut milk, then you give it back to them and they cut out all the coconut fruit from the inside and put it in a bag for you to eat. Much to my dismay, coconut milk from inside the coconut is clear! And it tastes kinda like sweet milk. The fruit I really enjoyed - it was coconuty but not too intense of a flavor. Then we came home & my sous chef (lil sis) and I made pasta & caeser salad for a lovely dinner. Now we are going to watch the movie Wall Street and tomorrow we are going scuba diving which makes me super duper excited. I feel much better since last week when I felt like death...but unfortunately I can't say the same for my pops. He is a little under the weather...sorry for passing it along dad :(

Photos from the day...

We went to a glass blowing store in which all the art was absolutley gorgeous! This was my favorite piece because of its size and colors. When I win the lottery I will purchase it! (it was almost $6000)

Eating our shave ice - mine was strawberry, raspberry & passion fruit.

Drinking coconut milk!

A cool  hairy fruit from the same stand that sold us the coconut. I don't remember what they are called but they are from the lychee family.

Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can I just say that I was so glad that I was away this year and didn't have to figure out something to do for new years?! New years is so overrated and it gets so ridiculous and I think it's stupid. I get frustrated every year and whine about what I am going to do but thankfully my parents solved that problem for me. However, I do hope everyone had a fun evening despite the daunting task of finding something to do and I wish all the best for 2011 :)

We have had a few adventures in the past couple days that I will pictorially illustrate for you all.  Where did I leave off....kayaking was the last post so that means that the next day, we tried to have a chill by the pool, catch some rays day. Turns out it was rainy all morning, but I still had faith and layed out on the beach & read in the rain. (it was still warm though so I'm not totally crazy)

Proof that there were giant rain drops coming down on me as I painstakingly waited for my friend the sun.
Then from behind the clouds came Mr. Sun!!! In my excitement, I naturally proceeded to not put sunscreen on which lead to some raccoon eyes and some red skin for me - not to worry, it's since turned into a tan. We layed gloriously in the sun all afternoon and then went for dinner to a cute place called Dukes.

Pants' raccoon eyes are way worse than mine
The next day (Friday) was pretty cool - we went tubing down an irrigation channel of an old pineapple plantation! We met at the Outrigger Adventure warehouse, took a big yellow SUV up a bumpy mountain...

...and then got into an inner tube with a head lamp on and jumped in the canal! We only have video of it; no pictures...sorry. We went through lots of tunnels (hence the head lamps) and learned some history of that mountain & plantation. (don't ask me to remember it...)We had a really funny guide (Jason) so that made the trip good for a laugh. We did stop for a family photo on the ride up.

ALOHA from the Spiers! (the guides made us do wasn't our idea)

In the evening on Friday (new years), we went for dinner at Kalapaki Joes & had the yummy nachos again and then saw some fireworks at Poipu beach. We were home when midnight came around layin' low and playing crib.
I learned that my camera had a fireworks setting on it - so I had to take lots of photos
And now that brings us to today! Lil sis & I went shopping this morning. There isn't much super amazing shopping (unless you count all the tourist shops) but there is a Macys and they were having some new years sales. I bought a pair of black pointy toed Nine West pumps for $35 so I was a happy camper. Then, we went snorkeling at Anini Beach where we saw 5 turtles. And my bro & dad saw even more when they went out a second time!! They are really cool creatures. I like the speckles on their faces. Again, we only have video from the water today; no photos. I also found a cool treasure: laying on the beach: an upopened coconut!! Obviously I had to get it open. My artistic side also came out a little & I played around with the macro on my camera. (believe me, I say "artistic side" loosely)

I've got a lovely buncha coconuts....deedillydee

It's quite heavy & has a LOT of protective husks...

...which make them difficult to break open. But don't worry: Survivor Man Matt to the rescue!! (he dropped a huge rock on the coconut & it cracked)

Getting the coconut out. It didn't smell all that great.We think it may have been bad.

But of course they still made me try it!! I only had a small taste & it was sweet but not great.

A close up look at the fruit of the coconut.
Pants (left) & dad (right) coming in from a snorkel.

I have a fascination with the holes in the coral. They are just so minuscule & interesting to me.

Some of my favorite corals I found on the beach!

My beloved lulus

My pretty sister

Then, we went mini golfing! I think it was a fairly new course so it was really night. Aaaand let's just say its JUST A GAME AND THEREFORE DOESN'T MATTER WHO WON.

And last but not least, we went to this little pizzeria across the street, you may have heard of it before, Pizza Hut? We had some good ol' pizza & pasta that filled our bellies and came home.

That was quite a long post. I must retire to my beddy bed. Tomorrow our plan is to go shop and have dinner in this cute little town just North of here called Kapa'a...they have an ABC store therefore my mom will be thrilled!

Goodnight mes amis :)