Monday, April 11, 2011


I had a productive day today. Slept in, hung out with little sis, studied for an economics final, made dinner for the fam, and studied some more. Oh and went to Staples! I got new highlighters for work - they are fabulous. Oh AND we saw a hubcap fly off a car - that was quite humourous. (not to worry, no one was harmed in the process)

Some random photos of the day...I was bored/procrastinating while studying hence the doggy shots! It's amazing the things I find that "need" to be done while I am attempting to study...

Emma held my highlighters & ruler for me. Very helpful.

Mmmm...Coke & economics.

See, even Emma got bored and went to sleep!

Upside down pictures!! (this NEEDED to be done instead of studying...)

Head shot  - she was posing for me.

Minestrone soup & paninis for dinner.

My minestrone soup: a little on the pepper-y side &  few too many noodles but it was still yummy.

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