Friday, September 30, 2011

pinterest & wine

Check out the picture below - how cool is this party idea?? It's a piece of chalk paper that you put on a table to be able to tell your guests what it is you are serving; not even for a wine & cheese party, just any party where there's food available. (which, in my opinion, should be EVERY party...) The actual idea is from the website "Rock Ur Party" (click to visit!) and they have super duper cool party ideas....I could be on this site for very lengthy periods of time. I also love their motto: "Plan now. Party later."

I found out about this site from a local interest site Pintrest (click to visit!) which is kinda like a Twitter deal where you post things & then people can "re-pin" them, except this one is all about ideas, a la the party paper below:

Another cute item that was posted on Pintrest I came across:

I'm procrastinating from writing a paper...gotta go!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New York Fashion Week

I am not a huge fashionista, but I definitely enjoy a cute outfit or two every now and then. I took a peak at NY fashion week outfits and learned that color is the new black! Also was reminded that models are far, FAR too thin. Ew.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Keira!!

My cousins Graham & Julia have an adorable baby who turned 1 this weekend - she seriously could not be any cuter if she tried! She is such a happy kid and is just starting to stand & walk on her own. Which, by the way, doesn't go so well when 20 people are watching and her great-aunts scream when she stands up on her own!! (haha)

"Yay, Aunty Robyn & Grandpa playing with my new barn toys with me!"

This would be the 20-something year old boys reading the cardboard baby books. And enjoying it.

"That big tower Uncle Colin proudly just made looks like lots of fun to knock down..."

"Grandpa gives me fun horsie rides!"

See?! So cute!!!

"Aunty Robyn, I do not want to wear this hat. I'll wear it for one (& only one!) picture!"

Birthday cake!! what to do with the cake...

Standing up!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I need to step out of my comfort zone. Nothing in particular, I just feel like I do the same old thing all the time and could use some change in life; something different. Suggestions? Start small I say. I liked this picture because it made me feel inspired.

What inspires you? 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Claw School

As I do my far-too-frequent random blog stalking whilst I am supposed to be creating income statements, I come across ridiculously funny stuff. Like this excerpt from a blogger in law school:

Dear Bloggess, I just paid about $20,000 for law school, which there is no way I can get back. Unfortunately, I also just discovered I hate law school. What should I do? 
Love, Meg

Spray paint a big C in the Law School’s sign so it looks like it says “Claw School” and then tell them that you thought you were paying to get a degree in fixing claws and ask when the claw lessons start. Then when they explain that this is law school and that claw school doesn’t even exist threaten to sue them for false advertising. Tell them you’ll settle for $20,000 and then if they say no, go to class and constantly interrupt the professor to ask questions about claws and when he doesn’t know the answers be all “WHAT KIND OF CLAW PROFESSOR ARE YOU?” Eventually you’re going to get your money back. Or end up in jail. In which case your law training will come in handy so I hope you were occasionally listening in class and not just thinking up new claw questions.


I made the mistake of browsing the Aritzia online store. It started with good intentions to check out the sale section for shirts to wear under my blazers at work, I promise! But I always end up wanting 18 different things and of course, they all cost $140 each usually. Here are a few things I enjoyed:

More happiness...

"Don't worry, be happy." 

- Bobby Mcferrin 

I really like these cute happiness images - found on a random blog that I don't know how to get back to now sadly.  Oddly enough, they make me feel happy! And that's a good feeling that everyone should have :) to do homework...and try to stay happy! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

On happiness...

"I will dare to just do what I do, be just what I am and dance whenever I want to." 

- Sabrina Ward Harrison 


One Year Canadian

I found this interesting blog/article last week about a Vancouver man who has made it his mission to ONLY buy Canadian made everything for one whole year. It's so interesting to read about the things he has issues finding (shoes, for example) and what he is learning from the whole experience. This is his mission statement: "For the year of 2011, I’m living Canadian. For 12 months, I will only buy Canadian products, eat Canadian food and consume Canadian media. I’m going to document this process through this website, and plan to publish a book about my project in 2012." 

This is his 12-month plan: 

(love his logo a la Tim Hortons!)
Check out his website:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Religions of India

I know that the majority of you may not share the same interest as me in India. Why I have this interest, I am not sure to be totally honest! I just have developed such a curiosity for other cultures including language, food and religion, and the Indian culture in general really intrigues me. I took Punjabi last year and loved that course, now my next endeavor is taking "The Religions of India" as an elective towards my degree. There has only been two classes and it's basically been an introduction and overview, but here is what I have learned so far that you too may find interesting! (I will also throw this out there in case you were worried - I am not in the market for a new religion by any means, simply curious and interested in expanding my world view!)

1. An ethnic religion vs. universal religion: an ethnic religion is one where you are said to be born into it & the social structure is based on relations with reference to your family or territory. This is in contrast to a universal religion which is a choice, not a birth status. Example of ethnic religions: Judaism & Hinduism. Examples of universal religions: Islam & Christianity.

2. Indology: means the study of India! (who knew there was such a thing!)

3. Phenomenology: a ginourmous word that I didn't know existed. It relates to the pursuit of phenomenons; what "appears". (among other large words we discussed in this class: methodology, presuppositions, socio-historical contextualization...I could continue! This is helping my oral & written vocabulary for sure!)

4. India at-a-glance: 
  • 26 states 
  • 5 territories
  • Capital is Delhi
  • Business capital is Mumbai 
  • Population is 1.21 billion 
  • Official languages: Hindi & English 
  • Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and Jainism

(PS - I feel slightly like I am doing a grade 5 project about other countries! haha)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I have blogged about her before and I will continue to blog about her - Ms. Ellen Degeneres. I honestly would vote for her if she were in a competition for funniest person of the world. I think she is so naturally funny and how can you not be entertained watching her show! Also, if you PVR'd the show today or are planning on watching it, you definitely won't need to after you read this post...I got slightly carried away with  my love for Ellen...

Today marked the start of her 9th season and she had some good stuff. Ashton Kutcher was on, talking about how he is taking over on Two and a Half Men - a show I really love currently, so I'm not sure how well it will be received now that crazy Charlie Sheen won't be on! I'll make an effort but no guarantees that I will enjoy it. Also, I did some google-ing and Ashton is making $600,000 per EPISODE! Lucky Demi. Ashton won't be replacing Charlie Sheen's character in the show, he is his own character; what character that is I am not sure yet though. This was the poster for the show that of course, Ellen modified to include her!

There was also a principal (Sherrie Gahn) from an elementary school in Las Vegas who got a donation from Target for $100,000 towards her school for the work she is doing for the kids. There is a high rate of homelessness and poverty in her school and she works hard to ensure that every child gets fed, has clothing etc. It's so heart warming that there are such good people in the world. Her story of children eating "ketchup soup" for dinner was what got me...

Anywho, I will let you watch your own TV now! (Although, Taylor Swift is on soon!!) Ellen's website is pretty fun & easy to browse as well:


I saw this on TV yesterday and was really moved by it. I watched a lot of 9-11 shows during the day and was moved by a lot of them as well, but this one really got to me with the kids signing. I think it's a great song (by Alicia Keys & Jay Z) and has a large impact. I believe it's a State Farm commercial, but regardless of it's purpose it is touching. "Never Forgotten. Forever Thankful" reads the ending slogan. So true.

Maliboom Dance

I love this commercial for Malibu rum, it makes me want to get up and dance! Anyone want to learn this dance with me?!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hapy Birthday to my Favorite Grandpa


This is where I spent my work day today - it was fabulously sunny & I got a little red. Not to worry, it turns into a tan very quickly!

Darren, Shannon & Jalene catching some rays & cheering on some Lions

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back at it

It's official, school has started back up again for the semester and I am not on vacation from work anymore. Back to reality I guess, eh? LAME!

I am in four courses this semester (I know, I'm totally nuts) and still working full time so I am going to try really, really hard to keep plugging away at my blog but I apologize in advance if I am MIA for a few days at a time. I am going to need to uber organized for the next couple months. Good thing I enjoy color coding!!

I am exciting to be in a creative writing class this semester though! I have no idea what it will be about; rumors so far are that it includes poetry...which is not my thing...but oh well, it will get the blog writing juices flowing regardless.

The reason I am in four courses this semester is because I am hoping to be able to complete my degree by either August 2012 or December 2012; depending on a few variables. Regardless, I will have it in just over a year!  I cannot wait to get that expensive piece of paper in my paws. I hope it will be worth it after I bust my ass for a year to finish it... Once I am done, who knows what the future holds for me! The options are endless! (well...not really, but there ARE options to do something different and fun!)

Hope everyone has had a good back-to-school/back-to-real-life week & hope all is well :)

Fave Current Song

Monday, September 5, 2011


Vegetable soup I made with whatever we had in the fridge including broccoli, mushrooms and corn
Romanian bread my parents bought in Steveston yesterday (don't ask how much it was!)

6 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

In the Globe and Mail today, there was an interesting article written by a fellow blogger (well, he's a bit more famous and well established than I) about how to be INeffective. This is in contrast to Stephen Covey's popular book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and it outlines that the follow will lead to a completely ineffective day at the office:

1. Not showing up.
2. Procrastinating half the day.
3. Focusing on the unimportant.
4. Thinking too much.
5. Always seeing the downside.
6. Constantly being on information overload.

To read Henrik Edberg's blog, visit:

To read the article in the Globe and Mail, here is the link:

And I will leave you with  my favorite quote from this article:

"80% of success is just showing up." - Woody Allen 

One book, two book

In the past few weeks, I had big ambitions to read lots of books while between school semesters & while having a week off from work. I only go to finish two books, and have one in the works currently.

Book One: The Condition by Jennifer Haigh

What it's about: A family of two parents and three children, one of who has Turners Syndrome. Turners syndrome essentially stops body growth in the 10 year old stage of adolescence and also has some cognitive delays associated with it. It is an interesting book because it does not focus entirely on Gwen, the daughter with Turners, rather it discusses the entire families lives surrounding their daughter & sister with it. I enjoyed this book because of the family dynamics in it and it kept me interested because it is written from multiple family members points of views.

As a side note, when I googled an image of this book, I came across a blog site of a book club that has read this book! They are based in Philadelphia and this was a 2010 read for them & they have some interesting questions based on the novel:

Book Two: The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell 

What it's about: As previously blogged about this weekend, this book is pre "Sex and the City", the TV show. It is based on Carrie's life in high school and basically the typical teenage drama that comes along with being a teen and having girlfriends, boyfriends and siblings. It is an extremely easy read (I read it in a day) and it's light hearted and entertaining when you think about where Carrie is now in her life in the most recent movies of her SATC character. Keri, you're welcome to borrow it whenever!! Now I need to buy the sequel that is about Carrie's first summer in New York City.

Book Three: Bossypants by Tina Fey 

What it's about: Tina Fey's life! More to come once I actually read it...

Drivers, beware!

I decided that learning how to drive standard is a good life skill that everyone should learn if available - so Pants & I took little sister out on a car driving adventure in the Boston Pizza parking lot. It was definitely an experience for my little GTI. This is the second Spier sibling I have taught to drive standard in this baby!

I won't mention the number of times she stalled, but she did get the car started quite a few times too! Yay Ben! I'll keep you posted on the next lesson...any good suggestions for VERY empty parking lots?!


I made a conscious decision that I was going to make an effort to attempt to enjoy caesar's, the drink. I always have enjoyed how it comes with a salted & flavored rim and a pickle, celery, vegetable or something else fun to munch on while you sip your cocktail. I ordered one last night at Cactus Club and it looked amazingly delicious. It came with a skewer of vegetables and boccocini cheese which I ate up quickly, but I couldn't bring myself to get more than a few sips down of the drink. It's not even that I hate the taste of it, I think it may be more of a mental problem! I could barely bring the drink up to my lips to sip it. So, Amanda graciously switched her glass of white wine for my caesar and she drank it for me. I may try again another time but for now, I will stick to alternative drinks! Sorry caesar.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My week in pics

The most delicious salad ever from White Spot.

Crescent beach on a semi-gloomy summer day.

Lil' sis & I pre-clouds at Crescent beach (see above)

@ Crescent beach

My pool got a face lift! ($20,000 worth of a face lift, to be exact...) It looks so clean & pretty now.

Leaving the lakehouse with dingys in tow.

The ocean view from Heidi's new house. So relaxing! Me, Heidi & Binz had nachos & Coke on her deck.

Thai food with the book club gals! (@ Sabar Thai on 120 & 75 - was super yummy)

Me & my Thai!

Me, JC & Lil' sis at Mirage last night. It was a YMCA party there!

My gorgeous little baby sister.

It's obviously blurry, but I like this one!! Party gals!

Go karting for our staff summer wrap up!! So fun!! This is Ham rippin' it up.

Pants & Dylan

The whole aquatic gang

Action shots! (aka Shan's photography while driving)

Mrs. Ham