Monday, December 12, 2011

Food Adventures

I haven't blogged about my Monday night dinners in a while, plus some other random meals I've made lately! Here are some fun things I've tried lately:

I made this for lil sis & I at the lake house. It was an Asian noodle fusion dish....basically I fried up some noodles, veggies & schezuan sauce and voila! It was pretty darn tasty actually.

This was meat-free spaghetti. I bought veggie ground round and made a "traditional"hearty saucce with some veggies and noodles. Garlic bread to top it off! (Lil sis liked it too - it really tastes quite similar to meat!!)

Breakfast quesadilla - this was for my daddio so it had scrambled eggs, cheese, beans & ham in it. It was really yummy he said but a little on the flimsy/sloppy side. Dipped in our favorite spicy ketchup.

I had really good intentions to make dinner today, since I haven't made it in a few Mondays, however my two hour plan for my day got turned into a 12 hour unplanned day when my car overheated in White Rock. I don't even know if I want to start typing about it because I can feel myself starting to overheat with anger!! My car really frustrates me. Most of the time I love it, I do; it's fun, sporty and fast. There are many downfalls though - it's over 10 years old and showing its age. It has a lot of kilometers on it, goes through tires like there's no tomorrow and randomly causes me a lot of anxiety by doing stuff like it did today. Long story short, I ended up just having a hose with a leak in it that got replaced. It was the hose that brought coolant to the engine though, hence the over heating. I was sure glad to have good company during this time otherwise I would have been freaking out AND bored!! Heidi, Lindsay & mon ami Christina: I apologize if I was a tad grumpy today. Thanks for putting up with me and my lame car!

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