Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Lil' Sis, Pants & I had pretty much the funnest night EVER on Sunday! I bought them tickets to the Jay Z & Kanye West concert waaaaay long ago for their birthdays this year and it felt like we were waiting forever to actually go to it. With a lot of anticipation, I had high hopes for the concert and wow, my hopes were all surpassed! It was so entertaining. They played all their new music together from the Watch the Throne album as well as all their classic hits from the past few years. I really felt quite gangster at this concert, but it was awesome! We also knew a bunch of people from work that were going so we all met up before and after which made the whole event that much more fun. The sky train also always makes for an interesting mode of transportation, that's for sure! I really want to post some of my favorite songs of theirs on here, but a lot of it has some bad words in it so I will leave it off since it's not 100% appropriate. A few pictures from our wild & fun night... that ended up at Mirage I might add!! (my pictures aren't amazing - just my trusty iPhone pictures!)

Some of the boys

Kanye singing on a stage that rose up and had images of sharks swimming underneath - crazy!

Jay Z

Diamonds in the sky forEVER!

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  1. super sweet pic of you and ben! love. and those sharks are way bigger than what i pictured. he's so danger-ous.