Monday, January 30, 2012


I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. My laptop is on the fritz again and as silly as it sounds, I don't like blogging from anywhere else!! Alas, I do need a new laptop so I will have to get used to a new one but when that happens later this week, I will defs let you all know. I'm sure photos will accompany the post too, don't you worry! My lovely parents are buying me a new laptop. They're the best EVER!!!! Lil' sis got a MacBook - I should blog a photo about that too. It's so sleek and pretty! Later this week I will for sure. Happy Monday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

me + numbers = nadda

The purpose of this post if simply to emphasize how much I hate accounting classes. They are 3 hours long. I can handle about the first hour, give or take, and can do the practice questions and whatnot, fine. Hour 2 - I half heartedly watch the instructor do the practice questions on the board. Hour 3 - I text, facebook & tweet. I have such a short attention span for this crap that I can't help it!! I even get coffee on our break in hopes that it will give me lots of energy to perhaps WANT to try the questions, but nope. Nadda.

Anywho, I am looking forward to the month of February. Contrary to popular belief, that is NOT because of Valentines Day (which I now know as the day I eat heart shaped pizza at Boston Pizza with my sister & and other girls who want to join us). My buddy from Toronto Kristina is coming here soon which will be super duper fun & then two weeks after that I go to Arizona! I'm so excited for both of these events!!

This does, however, put a cramp in my homework schedule. It means I need to be extraordinarily on top of my school stuff so that I can optimize my play time. This means I should get off my lil' blog and go finish my case revoir! (FYI, case studies I can handle - they're just time consuming! I like word-related things. Not number related.)

Friday, January 20, 2012

you likey my changes?

Since I am in love with Twitter, you lovely blog readers can now see my tweets to the right! --> 

I made a bunch of other changes in terms of my blog layout, heading & title sizes, and a few other things that I can't remember specifically. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Do we like this book background? Or is it time to switch it up? I can't decide if I want to keep one consistent background and have a sort of "brand" to my blog that is "recognizable" as Shannon's blog or if I want to keep changing it to just a variety of things I like?? Opinions please?

Gracias amigas!

NOW I'm going to sleep for real... xoxo

Thursday, January 19, 2012

the ideal shannon job

Warning: text heavy post! And no pictures...sorry...

I have been really hardcore into the tweeting these days - for whatever reason, it`s just so amusing to me! I love the frequency of it and I love the potential it could have for companies. I know people argue that it is TOO frequent and "why does everyone need to know what you are doing ever 4 seconds?" is what I hear all the time. However, newsflash here, people don't just tweet about what they are doing at present time!! People tweet about current events in the media, international news, sales at local restaurants, healthy lifestyle tips - you name it, it's probably tweeted about. I started with tweeting personally and now I am also tweeting for Newton Fastpitch (which my daddio is the President of) as well as for my favorite YMCA. I really feel that tweeting is an awesome way to cheaply reach a lot of people. And it's not necessarily the followers of the person tweeting who sees your message ("tweet"), if anyone "retweets" your tweet their followers will now see what you said. All it takes is a few retweets and you are golden! Plus, it's a great time-waster in class to scroll through Twitter and see whats new, I'm not going to lie. Or when you are laying in bed and can't sleep...

This leads me to my next point. I love social media. In no way do I want to do marketing or lead an advertising campaign, but I would love to be a professional blogger, tweeter and facebook-er. Can someone create me that job please?? It would be flexible; I could lay in bed at 3 am and work; I could travel. Also, if we could incorporate some sort of reading books into this job, that would be much appreciated. Oh! And a really wicked salary and the ability to wear fancy suits. Please. And last thing, food & wine would be nice?!

This is a natural segue into the article I read in the Globe & Mail  in regards to older generations learning about social media from younger generations in the workplace. The context this article is written in is that upper management is being mentored by people who report to them, as opposed to the typical way we would think of mentoring: the wiser, older crew generating their wisdom downwards and teaching others. We actually just discussed mentoring and coaching in class this evening so this whole post is just being tied together in a million ways now! Mentoring can be such a powerful way to build people not only in the workplace but as individuals as well, which I personally think would be a goal of a lot of management. I think mentoring has a denotation to it that; people tend to think of it as a "self-help" type approach to learning however it is so much more than that! I think it's beneficial in many situations as a learning tool in an informal setting. Formal mentoring seems a little too intense to me, but having someone to guide, influence and teach is an ideal situation.

Anywho, I'm off to bed now...7 am shifts at work come FAR too early for this night owl!! Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i want!

Mango Nike Frees

Nike Frees are soooo comfortable it's not even funny. AND you can even create your own on the website; how fun is that?! Make your own at:

mmm eggs.

Breakfast burrito a la Shannon - spinach, mushrooms, onions, cheese & ketchup to top it off!
I was inspired by this recipe I saw on Twitter from the NY Times - its a mushroom & herb omelet and it's not too fancy but I decided I wanted to fancy up  my eggs a bit after reading it. I also really like putting beans in breakfast burritos for some extra value :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adventure Annoucement...

Boy, do I love adventures!! Amanda, Lil' Sis, JC & I are going on one to ARIZONA soon. We just booked flights and are figuring out how we want to spend our 5 nights there. Tanning, dancing, shopping, baseball game-ing, concert-ing (Drake)...the possibilities are endless! I am going to continue on my research while pretending to do homework today. 

I should study this...

This beautiful image brought to you by Google. Is this actually what Arizona looks like?!

PS- our OFFICIAL adventure song! Not all of it applies to the lifestyle the 4 of us have, however it is a fun song. I nominate 'living young and wild and free' as our trip motto.


I promised my friend Lindsay a REAL birthday post on January 10th and here we are, at January 15th and I have yet to do it. My apologies buddy - I know I mentioned it on here already but I still wanted to do a normal one.

Happy (belated blog post) Birthday to my buddy who always keeps life entertaining with her wicked awesome personality (voted "best personality" grade 12, I might add!) and is the best texting friend a girl could ever have!! Our favorite thing to do it to go downtown and wander around whilst eating pizza by the slice. Soooo yummy and always an adventure!! Maybe one day I will make you this cake for your birthday Binz... :) (get it?! It's pepperoni pizza!)  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You've Got Mail

I got mail yesterday - real, live, comes-in-an-envelope MAIL! It was so exciting.

What was even more exciting was that it was from my pal Heidi and she got me a book!! It was so nice that she thought of me when reading it enough to buy me my own copy and surprise me. It's about a girl who goes to Paris who has a relationship with not only a French man but the French food there - I have a feeling I will be hungry whilst reading this... What's super cool is that it's a novel but it includes recipes in each chapter. I will definitely have to try some of them after reading this book. I need to finish up my Starbucks book and then on to this one!! THANKS HEID!!! (ps - she's a fellow blogger and her latest sourdough bread post is really cool! I know I sound like an old lady talking bread being cool, but I promise it's interesting!!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

A lesson from the 'bucks

As I mentioned, I am currently reading the book "Onward" written about Starbucks' recent quality challenges with their business. Written by Starbucks' CEO Howard Schulz, it provides a very realistic and business-like point of view to major decisions he was faced with. It is a bit textbooky but I am enjoying it nonetheless. The first item I learned that I wanted to share with y'all is why this book is call "Onward".

From the get go when writing memos to his colleauges or employees, rather than using "Sincerely" or "Thanks" to sign off his name, he uses the closing of "Onward". He explained this as a feeling of an adventure happening and forward moving. He felt it a small yet powerful word to use in this context which I really enjoyed! More to come on what else I learn from this book.

The best part about this book (did I say this already?) was that it is normally$30 but I saw on Twitter one day in December that it was 50% off one day only so I bought it for $15. I was thrilled, especially because I learned about it on my new fave social media!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Etiquette - Tip #2

Today's Etiquette tip was inspired by a lovely dinner out tonight for Lindsay's birthday at Milestones. Her birthday isn't until Tuesday, so you will see the official birthday post then. See,  so many birthdays in January!!

It was a really fun night with myself, my sister, Lindsay, Nicole, Heidi, Lori (Lindsay's sister) and some girls Lindsay works with. We had some wine & appies at Lindsay's place before hand which work out really well now that she a) has a bottle opener and b) has somewhat learned to enjoy white wine!! Once we were at dinner I told the girls about my dear book I got for Christmas; Nicole inquired about utensil placement, so Nicole, here is what my book says!

When it comes to holding and resting your utensils, there is the American way or the Continental (or European) way. Both are correct and can be used in any situation; you basically use whatever you are comfortable with. The method for cutting food is the same for both, however the differences for holding & resting can be seen in the images below: (I wasn't about to explain this - pictures were much simpler! You may need to enlarge them though)

Resting & holding utensils

How to place utensils once done - note that the knife blade needs to be pointing inwards in the top image.

It's difficult for me to sum up the whole paragraph about these because they go into a lot of detail - did you know the prongs on a fork are called tines? Me neither! The reasoning for these placements are to signal for the servers or hosts when you are done your meal so they can collect your plate; the placement of the utensils (same for both American & Continental styles) when finished also makes it easy for the server to reach for your plate and place their thumb on the utensils so they do not fall. Don't forget to say "Please excuse me" if you need to leave the table at any point (or for children, "May I please be excused?") and at the end of the meal remember to offer your thanks for the meal.

...To be continued with "Etiquette - Tip #3" at some point this week! Below are a few images from our evening out for Lindsay's birthday tonight:

Lindsay, Nicole & Lori

Lori, Lindsay, Heidi & Lil Sis

Birthday cake!!!

For "Etiquette - Tip #1" & to learn more about my etiquette book, click here!

Birthday City!

January is a popular birth month - I think that almost daily I have a friend, family member or co-worker with a birthday! Today is my Aunty Coralee's birthday; I think she is maybe turning 29 today?! She is a dedicated blog follower as well, even though she doesn't leave comments...

She is definitely a cool aunt because she is super fun & also quite stylish. Everyone thinks we are sisters or even twins we've been asked, so she must be pretty too ;) She taught me everything I needed to know about hockey at a young age. I think "Tony Tanti" were among some of my first words because of her!! Happy Birthday Aunt!

Coralee & I at Christmas dinner December 2011
Here is the cake maybe one day I will make you ;)

My Friend Keri

I just realized that I did not do a birthday post for my dear friend, and avid blog follower Keri on January 3rd. She was very anti-birthday and anti-age, so instead of gushing about a how I hope she has a fabulous year blah blah blah, I will just tell you the things I like about her. Keri & I met back in the day (probably 9 years ago now I guess?) at the good ol' YMCA. When I refer to my "book club girls" this includes Keri! Here are some things I love about her:

- Similar to how I use exclamation marks excessively, she uses smiley faces excessively! :) 
- She regularly checks my blog and not only does she read it, she comments ALL the time with great, meaningful comments (no pressure here for the future, Ker)
- She is very positive in her way of thinking
- She is very logical & realistic
- She loves her family lots
- She is always willing to drive out to Surrey & Langley when we have book club "meetings"!!
- She likes country music & Coronas; which I like too :) 

Happy birthday Keri, love ya! xoxo

Keri & I in Mexico, circa 2009 (great times had there!!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back in motion.

Alas, all good times must come to an end. My lovely Christmas vacation has ended and I am back to work with the rest of the world. I am very thankful that at least school doesn't start until next week so I have this week at work to get back into the routine and get organized THEN the usual busy-ness will start. BUT there is a silver lining here: 2012 is the year I will finally be done school with an actual degree! (as opposed to a fake one?!) Wahoo! I feel like I actually see the light at the end of the tunnel with school which is really, really, really nice.

A few things I had fun doing (among all other things I blogged about!) but will miss about being off work:

Making French toast for my fam in the morning

Getting pedicures with my momma & sis

Going for lunch after pedicures with said momma & sis

Trying delicious new types of sushi rolls with a fellow blogger

Snuggling with baby Sophie

Eating so yummy breakfast late in the day at The Roadhouse in White Rock (well, 17th & King George)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Do-able Resolutions

I am borrowing this image from a friends blog (Vanilla & Lace) who made it for resolution inspiration. As mentioned in my previous entries, I feel New Years is kinda lame; I feel the same about resolutions. I think every time of the year should be a good time to set goals for yourself!?! Anywho, enjoy Britt's realistic, down-to-earth collage as it is a good time to stop and think about what direction you are headed in. 

A December 31 Wedding?

I was introduced to the idea of a December 31st New Years Eve wedding and was apprehensive at first but have since decided I LOVE the idea. Everyone looks for something to do on this night anyways, why not celebrate a marriage?! I don't love the time of year for a wedding; cold, rain, potential snow etc...not really my scene, nor anyones scene, but it has potential to be gorgeous if it is crisp and clear out. I guess with having a New Years wedding you would need to make sure you had your venue until at least 12:30/1 am because you would obviously want to do a midnight countdown.

On a fabulous wedding site I follow (Bridal Snob) I saw the idea of a sparkly gold New Years Eve wedding! I think this has potential to be done very tackily when done improperly, but if you did it right and somewhat subtly, it could be pretty & unique! Check out this website for more pictures of the below gold-themed wedding:

New Years Day Fam Jam

Our annual family dinner with my mom's side was last night at our house. It rotates who hosts it each year through the four Bradley children so this was our turn. We had almost every single family member here, except cousin Steve. We ate some ham (well, everyone excluding me did!), potatoes, veggies & Aunty Lorna's famous jello casserole which I tried to google a similar picture of but it's a tricky one to find!! We also drank some punch which inevitably got spiked with vodka in our own cups. The baby of the clan, Keira, is up and walking around and loved following Emma. Since we don't have any kiddie toys around the house, Emma's dog toys and the Christmas decorations sufficed for her! Lil' sis and I also tried to get some cousins on the Twitter band wagon with us...but no cigar there... #hashtag! I know I say this frequently about my immediate family, but I think the trend carries throughout my extended family too: we are a pretty cool family overall, if I do say so myself! Love you all :)

My dad likes to take action shot photos (ie: while you are shoving a forkful of peas in your mouth); where I prefer the more posed & smiling ones. Below are some of both of our snapshots!

Dani, me & Gina

Jen, Emma & Keira playing with Rudolph

Uncle Dave, Uncle Don & Grandpa

Robyn, Keira & Graham

Kristen, Aunty Josie & Grandma

Uncle Bruce & Aunty Catherine

Gina, Lil Sis & Colin

Keira and her big blue eyes

Mom, Aunty Josie & Aunty Catherine make sure dinner is ready

Keira found the dogs toy collection!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Etiquette - Tip #1

One of my Christmas present gems I received was this fabulous book of Etiquette!

I randomly became fascinated with etiquette mostly because of weddings, however this book is so interesting! The majority of it is common sense, however there are some very unique things I have learned. Well, I have only flipped through so far and read bits and pieces, so I'm sure I have a long ways to go. I'm pretty sure my family is sick of hearing me read it out loud to them already!  Good thing I have you blog readers as a sounding board for me to talk etiquette. This book has everything from thank you cards to cell phone etiquette to tipping to restaurants.

For starters: a formal dining table is laid with a white cloth damask, linen or lace cloth and must fall about 18 inches below the tables edge. Matching white napkins are approximately 24 inches square. (at Buckingham Palace they use rulers to actually measure all this!!) To top off the decor, candles are white in the dining room.

More to come on etiquette as I read on!

Happy New Year!

I am not going to go on my entire rant here, but my feelings about "New Years Eve" is not so much a positive one. Sure, ringing in the new year is all nice and dandy, but it's gotten so incredibly overhyped. I don't want to spend a million dollars on a club simply to get in, I am not in a relationship so I don't want to hang out with a bunch of couples; it is just another night of the year!! I can do all of the same things on New Years Eve that I can on regular nights of the year. Whoops...I started my rant... Regardless, I did have a fun evening hanging out with my sis. We made dinner (see below) and went to see the movie "New Years Eve" and it was cute. It wasn't anything to write home about, but there are a lot of good actors/actresses in it and it was entertaining for something to do. I hope everyone had a safe and fun evening! And of course, I wish all the best for everyone in 2012, but I wish that ALL year round, not simply because it's the start of a new year!!!

Our delicious meal of caeser salad (w/ home made croutons) & teriyaki chow mein with roasted veggies & chick'n (yup, we had fake chicken! It didn't taste too bad either mixed in with things - on its own, not amazing)