Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back in motion.

Alas, all good times must come to an end. My lovely Christmas vacation has ended and I am back to work with the rest of the world. I am very thankful that at least school doesn't start until next week so I have this week at work to get back into the routine and get organized THEN the usual busy-ness will start. BUT there is a silver lining here: 2012 is the year I will finally be done school with an actual degree! (as opposed to a fake one?!) Wahoo! I feel like I actually see the light at the end of the tunnel with school which is really, really, really nice.

A few things I had fun doing (among all other things I blogged about!) but will miss about being off work:

Making French toast for my fam in the morning

Getting pedicures with my momma & sis

Going for lunch after pedicures with said momma & sis

Trying delicious new types of sushi rolls with a fellow blogger

Snuggling with baby Sophie

Eating so yummy breakfast late in the day at The Roadhouse in White Rock (well, 17th & King George)