Monday, January 2, 2012

A December 31 Wedding?

I was introduced to the idea of a December 31st New Years Eve wedding and was apprehensive at first but have since decided I LOVE the idea. Everyone looks for something to do on this night anyways, why not celebrate a marriage?! I don't love the time of year for a wedding; cold, rain, potential snow etc...not really my scene, nor anyones scene, but it has potential to be gorgeous if it is crisp and clear out. I guess with having a New Years wedding you would need to make sure you had your venue until at least 12:30/1 am because you would obviously want to do a midnight countdown.

On a fabulous wedding site I follow (Bridal Snob) I saw the idea of a sparkly gold New Years Eve wedding! I think this has potential to be done very tackily when done improperly, but if you did it right and somewhat subtly, it could be pretty & unique! Check out this website for more pictures of the below gold-themed wedding:


  1. Shann my sister went to a New Year's Eve wedding at the Hotel Vancouver this year. It was "black and white" themed... and it sounds like it was absolutely amazing! I think it's a great idea... Especially based on the previous post about the over-rated-ness of NYE... Why not turn it into something great???

  2. Whoa Ker, that would be pretty neat!! I feel like a themed wedding is a lot easier to pull off on NYE for some reason. I think I am getting sold on having my wedding own on NYE! Except no snow...can you make that happen for me?! ;)

    PS - love your comments!! xoxo